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(reviews) Supergirl 3x3;The Flash 4x3; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x3; Arrow 6x3 

Supergirl 3x3;The Flash 4x3; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x3; Arrow 6x3 

Supergirl 3x3

Nice father/child parallels. J'onn's father rejected him because he thought that his son was dead, and Maggie's father rejects his daughter because of her lesbianism. Her father is right that she'll be hated because of it, but that;s why she needs her family's support. Good thing she has Alex's family.

I liked the shower and the fun they were having before Maggie's dad fled.

Supergirl going with J'onn to Mars was the right thing to do. And how cool was that car that brought them to Mars?!! Phil Coulson would love that car! :)

Nice to see M'gann again.

Should be some interesting stories with J'onn's dad trying to adjust to Earth. He must have PTSD after TWO centuries of imprisonment and torture!

I like that fact that things didn't work out between Maggie and her father. That would have been too cliche. Maybe her family will need her professional help in the future for an opening, but a man who kicks his 14-year-old daughter out of the house isn't the forgiving type.

The Flash 4x3

I liked the lighthearted tone of this episode, such a refreshing change from the sturm und drang of late. The slipping-on-a-banana-peel aspect was pretty funny, and since no one got hurt, it was a win-win all around. Poor Becky Sharpe! If you've suffered a lifetime of bad breaks, being the winner for once is pretty heady stuff.

I had to wonder if Harrison was lying about Jesse's break-up with Wally but it was too easy to check.  It was the real thing as Wally found out. That kid has self-esteem issues! So what if no one noticed he wasn't around during the crisis? They were a little busy! :)

Interesting that the Dark Matter made everyone metas on that bus.  Good hook for this season. 

Harrison sticking around? I still miss H.R. *sigh*

Cecile is preggers?  Yikes!  No wonder Joe was pole-axed, heh heh.  Kind of late in the game to be changing diapers, isn't it?

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x3

Zari's an interesting character.  Joining the team seems logical, and now Amaya can help her since her own totem issues have been resolved.  That was a cool vision she had.

Nate is cute while hopped up on hallucinogens!

I think Rory might be a little in love with Zari.  She's his kind of gal! ;)

I kind of like Gary.  For a nervous type of guy, he's all right. :)

Next week, Ray as a nerdy kid?  Should be interesting!

Arrow 6x3

I like Diggle as the Green Arrow. Channeling Christian Bale with that gravelly voice? ;)

Sad to see John go the junkie route to keep the tremors from reappearing.

Apparently DC refuses to get Ollie and Dinah together. They didn't on Smallville, barely using Dinah while hooking Ollie up with a blond, smart-alecky computer genious who took over the show at one point...oh, wait.

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