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(Reviews) Supergirl 3x2;The Flash 4x2; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x2; Arrow 6x2 

Supergirl 3x2;The Flash 4x2; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x2; Arrow 6x2 

Supergirl 3x2

Psi was a good villain. At first glance I thought she was messing with people's inner ears, but fear is good. :) She must have been a student of Jonathan Crane's (The Scarecrow).

Lena not being in the know about Supergirl keeps her off-balance. Lets hope she doesn't note Kara's many absences in the future!

I really loved the sisterly scenes. Go, Alex! And the last one with the girls watching The Wizard Of Oz and eating popcorn? Aww!

J'onn going back to Mars? Should be interesting.

The Flash 4x2

Ha, Barry's so happy he's taking over!

Iris never seems happy, does she?

Aww, 1-1-1 Day. Cisco and Gypsy are SO CUTE!

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x2

The circus background was interesting. And the producers really love the female-on-female fighting thing, don't they? Though the break for water was funny.

Poor Amaya! What a terrible thing, this killing rage. And is the mysterious woman from the water her enemy?

Arrow 6x1

Wow, watching Oliver juggle so many hats was interesting. He won't last long on the sidelines, too.

Diggle's condition will make itself known at an inopportune time now that he's the Green Arrow.

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