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Family, Kryptonian-Style

Smallville "Blue" (Episode 8) (Season 7) (November 15, 2007)

Of course Clark would feel all torn up inside at meeting his mother, and then losing her again!  Poor boy.


He thinks that Kara is gone because he had to destroy Zor-El?  Nope, just the old amnesiac plot device.  J


Lois is knocking boots with a Luthor?  Oh, she’ll love that!  J


Lionel will find out who Grant Gabriel really is, as he always does.  It’ll be nice to see Lex in protective mode.  I kept thinking that Clark should have been the one playing pool with him!  J


At first the relationship between Lex and Grant seemed nefarious at first, but then in keeping with the sort-of ‘new’ Lex, it wasn’t the usual all-dark-and-dreadful thing of the past few seasons.  


Actually, I amuse myself by inserting Lex into the role of Lana whenever I feel like it, and it makes me feel better, LOL!


Sexual chemistry: Lois has it with Oliver.  She has it with Grant.  She has none with Clark. 


That’s more of a brother/sister, best buddies vibe, which I prefer, anyway.


Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain had sexual chemistry.


I don’t try to figure out chemistry.  Clark’s sexual chemistry is with Lex and Oliver, none of the women, and I suppose that could be because I’m a slash fan, but I see het pairings I like on this show.  Chemistry defies logic.  It just is!


I did like the throwaway line by Kara about Jimmy surfing.  ;)


And Kara hasn’t been here long, but she’s ready to defend us to the death!  Go, Kara!  J


Is everyone blind now?  They were looking up an eclipse!  Okay, it wasn’t really an eclipse but they didn’t know that!


Now, what’s going to happen to Clark?  Jor-El likes the punishment thing.  

Oh, and putting Kara in Detroit?  That Jor-El is a sadist!  ;) 




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