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(Reviews) Supergirl 3x1;The Flash 4x1; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x1; Arrow 6x1 

Supergirl 3x1;The Flash 4x1; Legends Of Tomorrow 3x1; Arrow 6x1 

Supergirl 3x1

Kara's response to losing Mon-El was irritating at times but realistic. I'm glad she came to her senses.

Poor Lena! She doesn't know what's going on so probably figures Kara's coldness is her fault. She really showed neediness when she called Kara her best friend as if afraid it wasn't true.

I like Maggie, but Alex has to walk around on eggshells around her sometimes. If Alex doesn't do exactly as she wants, Maggie takes off. She's done it more than once since she got involved with Alex.

Ordinarily that mother who used a sudden surge of strength would just be a human doing something extraordinary io save her child but in the DC Universe, she's probably an alien. On Marvel, she'd be a mutant or Inhuman.

The Flash 4x1

Sexy Barry! :)

I did enjoy Team Kid Flash (heh heh) doing its thing before Barry's return, but it's nice to see him back.

Caitlin?  Is she still Killer Frost or is it a split personality thing going on?  And why hasn't Julian been told about her return? 

Iris really is like Lois, isn't she?  Always jumping into danger!

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x1

The new motto fits the legends quite nicely. 

Don't like Rip's new haircut.

A Time Bureau?  Swiping from Philip K. Dick, are we?  And while it's true that the Legends' screw-ups caused the problem in the first place, Rip is right in figuring they will be the ones to fix it in the end.

Yeah, you kind of forget that Sara's only 'higher education' has been with the League of Assassins. Back home, she has no degree or aptitude for college work.

Poor Ray!  Working with Millennials?  Horrors!

Nate's problem is easily solved if he just goes to another city to be a hero.

Jefferson is bored.  The only happy guys are Doc and Mick!  :) 

Will Vixen leave 1942 after all, or did we just get a farewell look at her?

Arrow 6x1

So they all survive except the kid's mother? Unless Thea's gone, too. Story's still unspooling.

Quentin! Black Siren is NOT Laurel!

So Thea is semi-fridged and Samantha totally fridged. *sigh*

I did like Slade's scene with Ollie at Thea's bedside. Always did like Slade before he lost it.

Ollie's exposed as the Green Arrow? The comics and TV show has done that multiple times, sometimes even by Ollie's choice! Of course, in the comics the goatee's kinda a giveaway. ;)

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