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(Reviews) Supergirl 2x22;The Flash 3x23; Arrow 5x23 

Huh. Looks like I forgot to post the final reviews from last season. Oh, well, a good segue into the new season! :)

Supergirl 2x22;The Flash 3x23; Arrow 5x23 

Supergirl 2x22

Great Super-Battle! And Supergirl being stronger than Superman has been mentioned in the comics.

Not wasting any sympathy over Rhea crumbling to dust. As Mon-El said, she killed his father.

Well, at least Mon-El didn't wind up in the Phantom Zone. Though the wormhole is hinky.

Another baby rocketed from Krypton? Bizzy planet!

Okay, got a little misty-eyed at Kara and Mon-El's farewell. Well-played.

How annoying was everyone being happy paired off after Kara's sacrifice?

Oh, yeah, Cat knows. Smart lady.

The Flash 3x23

H.R.! Damnit, they fridged one of my favorite characters. That stinks.

A lot of sturm und drang but at least Savitar's gone. Unfortunately, H.R. had to die. Have I mentioned that stinks?

Time to go, Barry! Momma says so.

Unless they plan to upgrade Wally, Barry will be back. 'Forever' in the Speed Force is all relative.

Arrow 5x22

Lots of twists and turns! Who survives? I'd like to see Felicity gone (wont happen, the actress has pictures of someone high up), and I could live without Black Siren and Talia, and Slade would probably welcome death. Malcolm offed himself so that's convenient, though if Thea didn't make it that would be ironic that he died to protect her but she ended up dead, anyway. I'd like to s, , ee the pseudo-Black Canary whatshername live. She's such a weasel, throwing in with Chase.


Very powerful scene with Ollie's phone call to his mom.

I hope Ollie has a good child psychologist on speed-dial. This is the second time William was kidnapped by a certifiable enemy of Ollie's.

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