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Happy Birthday!!!

Yay for me! My sister couldn't get tomorrow off (my actual birthday), but she got today off and she surprised me with a trip to The Hall At Patriots Place, the museum dedicated to all things Patriots! Woot! :)

We saw the 5th Super Bowl trophy, some new exhibits, like Edelman's helmet and gloves he was wearing when he made the Miracle Catch, and a lot of other fun goodies that gladdens a Patriots' fan's heart! :)

We then went to CbsScene for lunch and BunnyGirl ordered a salad with tomatoes and feta cheese while I went with a burger and fries, complete with tomato slices, pickles, ketchup, mustard and red onions. We also started with spicy hot Buffalo chicken tenders! And, I got a surprise at the end of the meal: three waitresses bringing over a dish of strawberry ice cream and singing, "Happy Birthday!" :)

The view was great: we were able to see into Gillette Stadium and view the five championship banners! :)

So now my actual birthday is tomorrow with great memories. :)

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***Pretend that the icon is my Brady 'Yes!' icon, which got bumped with my Halloween icons.
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