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(Preseason) Week 2: Houston Texans 27, New England Patriots 24 (0-2) (Saturday, August 19, 2017)

(Preseason) Week 2: Houston Texans 27, New England Patriots 24 (0-2) (Saturday, August 19, 2017)

A very uneven game, but such is preseason football! Tom and the 1st-string offense were pretty good, but the 1st-string defense looked shaky. They gave up a big play, and more big plays were given up by the second-stringers.

Back-up Jimmy Garoppolo was off all night, though he did lead some nice scoring drives. He did throw a dumb INT that blew the game, so he's gonna hear about that from the coaches! :)

Jacoby, our 3rd-string QB, did okay, but the whole team seemed out of sync. Oh, well, give the preseason win to the Texans. We'll take beatin' 'em in the regular season and playoffs! :) We play them this year.

Next week the Pats head to Detroit for joint practices and their third preseason game. Ha, the Pats fans are unlucky this year as the first and fourth games are in New England and no starters will play in either!

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