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LJ Goodness (Or Craziness, Depending On Whom You Talk To) ;)

Okay, I've been gifted with all the goodies of a Paid Account twice over and loving it! :) I'm going to be so spoiled! LOL!

You'll be seeing me change layouts probably every week! But it's going to be very cool.

Icons! I have room for a bunch! I already have wonderful stuff from damo_in_japan, magnolia_simms, and rai_daydreamer, who all kindly gave me permission in the past to use their lovely work.

I'd like to ask recommendations from people as to good DCU icon sites (and a few non-DCU). Of course my fave pairings are Clark/Bruce, Bruce/Dick, and Clark/Dick, and general icons are of interest, too. I'm also in the market for Dick/Roy, Clex, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow/Black Canary. Pairs or singles are cool. I'll have to search out some Starbuck/Apollo and others, but I thought I could get some leads here. I'm even interested in Marvel icons.

Anyway, don't be surprised if you see new looks quite often! ;)
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