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Memories And The Moment (November 12th)

Well, as posted a few days ago, it’s my LJ First Anniversary (thanks for all the wonderful good wishes and congrats!). Since today is the actual anniversary, I thought I’d put a few ruminations out there:

When I joined LJ on November 12, 2006, I knew there was a thriving DCU community that I wanted to be a part of. Once I got help in how to post and other things (thanks, Theresa, Jen, CS, Pixie, Quyllur, and Khylara!), I wrote my first Clark/Bruce fic, Announcement I: The Ready Room, and was very pleased to see that people seemed to like it! :) Little did they know who they were encouraging! ;)

Anyway, it’s been an eventful year on LJ. I’ve made new friends, who not only like my fiction but have taken the time to cheer me up when I’m blue, help me with questions, and just be good friends. How cool is that? :)

I did a listing of my fic broken down by pairings/threesomes back in the summertime, and now is the perfect time to update that. All pairings are the dominant pairings in the story, and if they share equal time with another couple, that’s noted:

Clark/Bruce 29

Bruce/Dick 24 (1 story shared)

Clark/Dick 2

Clark/Bruce/Dick 2 (1 story shared)

Steve/Diana 7 (2 stories shared)

Clark/Lex (SV) 5 (1 story shared)

Dick/Roy 2 (1 story shared)

Apollo/Starbuck 3

Jim/Artie (WWW) 2

Selina/Dinah 2

Diana/Dinah 2

Ollie/Dinah 1

Kirk/Spock 1

Bruce & Dick Genfic 3

All for a grand total of 80 pieces of fiction that are short, long, and in between. :)

I’ve also hosted the 2007 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge, which was successful, glad to say, and am currently hosting the 2007 DCU Fic/Art Chocolate Challenge. I’ve taken part in many other people’s Challenges and have requested and given fic, the latest of which is celebrating this LJ First Anniversary. I also created and host the LJ comm, wonderwomanlove. The fic I posted today, Red-Green-And-Gold, is appropriate for an anniversary date as Kirk/Spock was my first slash couple as I discovered the joys of fannish slash years ago! :)

Best of all, I have people on my f-list and on LJ who are kind, generous, and funny.

Thanks again for all the good wishes and congratulations last week (I wanted to get a headstart on the fic requests) and it’s a good thing to look back. I’m out of the prediction game, as none of us can guess who will still be here on LJ and in the DCU community at this time next year, but we do know who was here for the past year and in the present, and I'm enjoying the memories and the moment.

I’d say a very good group on both f-list and general LJ, indeed! :)
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