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(Review) Captain America 3: Civil War

Well, riffling through my draft folder, I realized that I had never posted my review for Captain America 3: Civil War! Oh, well, little chance anyone will be spoiled by now, but it'll be behind a cut just in case. It's unedited, so these were my first impressions. Enjoy!


Wow, just saw Captain America 3: Civil War! I give it an A- overall. The first Avengers and first two Captain America movies were A+ ratings for me, because they were nearly perfect. This film got a lower grade because I'm not a fan of the Civil War premise (hated it in the comics). I prefer my superheroes working together against a common foe instead of beating each other up. 

However, this film was leagues better than Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

First, the good stuff: all the Steve/Bucky moments, especially when Bucky revealed his memory of Steve's mother's name and their shared poverty. And the scenes with Steve, Bucky and Sam in the VW Bug? Priceless! :) As was the looks on Sam and Bucky's faces after Steve kissed Sharon.

Vision in a sweater.

Vision cooking.

T'Challa's every scene, especially when he realized that grief-fueled rage doesn't honor the dead.

Natasha switching sides and reaming Tony out for his double agent crack.

Steve and Tony reconciling before Zemo shows them the footage of Tony's parents' deaths..

Steve protecting Bucky after Tony goes crazy.

Stan Lee's cameo and Rhodey immediately latching on to "Mr. Stank."

The airport fight. Loved how no one seemed fueled with hate (that came later in the Steve/Tony fight). Natasha and Clint even reassured each other they were still friends.  And, hey, Giant-Man!

The entire Civil War premise is annoying but let's discuss it. I can see both sides. The Avengers have caused destruction and Ultron was Tony's fault, but the U.N. in charge of the Avengers? By the time they talked it out, the bad guys would have succeeded in any nefarious scheme, Alien invasions? Forget it!

I am on Team Captain America. Any government is bad enough, but hundreds of them? You might as well disband the Avengers. Tony's guilt blinded him to the ridiculousness of the situation.

I hated that final fight. While I understand why Tony would go off since he just learned about the Winter Soldier killing his parents (interesting that he only mentioned his mother), but Steve is right. That brainwashed murder machine was NOT Bucky.

That fight was almost too painful to watch. Save the rage for the bad guys.

A small moment that ticked me off: after Tony reaches an injured Rhodey and Sam says he's sorry, Tony zaps him in the chest. Yeah, only Tony's pain is worthwhile here, and the hell with wielding high tech that could injure or kill Sam. That dismissive, callous gesture really annoyed me, much as Bruce in the DCU treats his fellow superheroes like idiots, because no one could POSSIBLY be as competent as him.

And Zemo? Yes, he lost his family, but how is killing innocents going to honor them, or lessen is grief, or bring them back? Grieve without resorting to terrorism and creating more grief.

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