bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Week 10: Bye Week (November 11, 2007)

This week was the Patriots’ bye week, so I thought that I would just list some football terms that makes my slashy heart glad:

tight end

open receiver

wide-open receiver (even better!)

slot receiver

penetrating the end zone

find the hole

hit the hole hard

go deep

go long

backfield in motion

sacking the quarterback

take a knee

wide left

wide right

straight through the uprights

up the seam

deep ball (and if we’re talking more than one, deep balls!)

pretty ball(s)

nice, tight spiral (of the ball as a ‘wounded duck’ is most likely to be intercepted)

(when it rains) wet balls ;)

ran right up his back

stay tight in the pocket

pocket passer

pocket presence

goose the center

he horse-collared that guy!

sucking wind

man-on-man coverage

happy feet

naked bootleg

take it to the house

go all the way
Tags: slash
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