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(Reviews) Supergirl 2x17;The Flash 3x18; Legends Of Tomorrow 2x16; Arrow 5x18

(Reviews) Supergirl 2x17;The Flash 3x18; Legends Of Tomorrow 2x16; Arrow 5x18

Supergirl 2x17

Don't get between Kara and bacon! :)

Mon-El is handsome, super and can cook! Whatta guy! ;)

I wanted to believe Mon-El's parents were on the up-and-up, but I didn't trust them. Good thing! Teri Hatcher sure is rockin' the overbearing Queen.

"You finally saw Star Wars!"

I like the progression of Alex and Maggie's relationship. They could have something solid if the writers don't insist on manufacturing some dumb split.

Uh, oh, I knew poor dear ol' Dad was going to get skewered by the Queen.

I love 'Wonder Woman' as the Prez, even though she's a sleeper agent.

The Flash 3x18

Abra Kadabra: cool villain! The 64th century must be quite a trip.

Oh, Joe, letting supervillains out...never a good thing.

Oh, c'mon. guys, Caitlin isn't dead. Killer Frost will bring her back. See?

Legends Of Tomorrow 2x16

Creepy world.

Rip passing the time cake decorating? Priceless! :)

Mick the hero? Argh, he's betraying them YET AGAIN?

How do the Legends get out of this one?

Arrow 5x18

How many times have we seen this dance by Oliver? "I quit!" You are so fukk of it, Oliver, though you are a sadistic torturer. You should be one of the unsubs on Criminal Minds.

Ugh, save us from know-it-all hackers!

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