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Supergirl 2x16;The Flash 3x17; Legends Of Tomorrow 2x15; Arrow 5x17 

Supergirl 2x16

I can see why Kara is angry with Mon-El. That's a pretty cowardly escape story!

Though I do side with Mon-El somewhat. He thought he was the last of the Daxamites. Why bring up his royalty when he was ashamed of it? His eyes were opened to what was going on on Daxam after arriving on Earth.

Poor Winn. Just a mark?

Hey, I'm liking the blast from the past. :)

The Flash 3x17

Musicals not my thing, but at least there's a plot, shopworn as it is.

Aww, Twu Wuv!

Legends Of Tomorrow 2x15

I did like Sara's crack about sending Amaya with the guys for 'adult supervision'.

World War I's Battle of the Somme horrific.

Dissing Mick not wise. And telling a Snart he thought a hallucination understandable.

That's the second time that Mick has betrayed the Legends! He's whining about them not trusting him? Geez, Mick, I wonder why? So you were trying to change, or didn't like being viewed as a thug? Then stop acting like one! I know the writers stuck in that scene about not really trusting Mick so they can bring him back after yet another betrayal, but so what if they never fully trust you? Trust isn't handed to you on a silver platter, you have to earn it. Sara handed him the Spear, so she must gave trusted him. Amaya and Ray had a rapport with him. For such a supposed tough guy, he sure has delicate feelings.

Arrow 5x17

This was the worst Arrow episode ever. First off, not a fan of torture. How do you like Ollie the Psychopath?

I didn't like Ollie being tortured, but look at what he did to that poor Russian schmo! It's one thing (ugh) to torture to get vital information to save innocent lives, but 'practice'?

Here we go again: Ollie quits. Full circle. Back to the beginning.

Adrian is a SOB, and so is his 'victim'.

I'm in the minority here. The message boards say it's the best Arrow episode ever. Ewww!


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