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Interesting Factoid: 4 Presidents

Interesting factoid: Four Presidents (3 future) were in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

JFK and LBJ.

Richard Nixon.

George H.W. Bush.

Wow, what are the odds?

Nixon had attended a conference of the Pepsi-Cola Company representing his law firm for the client. After his defeat for Governor of California in 1962 ("You won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore!") he had returned to private practice. He flew out of Love Field a few hours before Kennedy flew in.

Bush spoke to a meeting of the American Association of Oil Drilling Contractors at the Sheraton Hotel on the evening of November 21, 1963.

Both Nixon and Bush couldn't remember where they were when they heard the news of JFK's shooting, the only two adults of their generation with such memory problems. Nixon finally recalled where he was, but he told two different stories. Bush didn't remember for 30 years, and he said he was in Tyler, Texas, though Barbara Bush's own memoir contradicts him. He was also an active member of the CIA at the time.



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Mar. 13th, 2017 03:52 am (UTC)
I have *never* met anyone of my generation who cannot remember where they were on that date. I can't imagine it would be different for anyone from the previous generation. What you refer to above - wow. Just wow.
Mar. 13th, 2017 02:30 pm (UTC)
Pretty odd memories, huh?

Nixon was seen by credible witnesses at a party in oil millionaire Clint Murchison's home on the evening of November 21st in Dallas. The party honored Hoover, who flew in that night and flew out again right away. LBJ also put in an appearance, and told his mistress that night that "Those blankety-blank Kennedys will never humiliate me again."

The witnesses were household staff, and one woman was quoted as saying that the champagne flowed for a week after the assassination in the Murchison home. JFK was going to cut the oil depletion allowance, costing the Texas oilmen millions. After November 22nd, guess what? No cut!

George H.W. Bush was up to his eyeballs in CIA activities, including the Bay of Pigs. Allen Dulles, the CIA chief (DCI), was fired by Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs. The Bush and Dulles families were tight.

Kennedy felt he had been deceived by the CIA. They had assured him that the Cubans would rise up in revolt during the invasion. When they didn't, Dulles figured JFK would commit American troops and air power, morphing it from a band of Cuban exiles to U.S. involvement. JFK refused and the hard-liners hated him after that, especially when Kennedy threatened to "shatter the CIA into a million pieces." Kennedy took the public blame (his approval rating shot sky-high) and fired Dulles.
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