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(Reviews) Supergirl 2x14;The Flash 3x14; Arrow 5x15

Supergirl 2x14;The Flash 3x14; Arrow 5x15

Supergirl 2x14

Of course Mon-El's suspicions will be proven correct about Jeremiah. Is Jeremiah brainwashed, mind-controlled, or a phony? I did like his comment to Maggie that no man on Earh  was good enough for Alex so beautiful Maggie to be the one.

Sister fall-out?

Enhanced Jeremiah! But is he totally bad? Fourteen years is a long time to be a captive. It does things to a person.

A little weird: Eliza's reaction to Jeremiah's return. I get it's been 14 years, they've changed (as she said) and she's used to independence now, but she didn't seem overly thrilled that he was back.

Alex let her father go. Compromised!

Maggie is a good comforter.

Mon-El's learning to be a modern guy. :) He's shedding obnoxious Daxamite attitudes.

The Flash 3x14

Grodd's always a great villain.

Boy, Jesse's father may be a genius but he's a dickwad. I'll take the non-genius Harrison Wells any day. At least H.R. tries to be nice to people and make their lives a little better with his coffee and party decorations. I know that isn't edgy enough, but tough! Nice is underrated.

Arrow 5x15

No surprise that the D.A. is a bad guy. That awkward scene with Dinah made me instantly suspicious..

Poor Curtis. That dinner with Paul? Methinks it's the big kiss-off. I think Rene knows it, too.

Aaand, goodbye, Paul!

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