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(Reviews) Supergirl 2x13; Timeless 1x14; The Flash 3x13; Legends/Tomorrow 2x12; AOS 4x15; Arrow 5x14

Supergirl 2x13; Timeless 1x14; The Flash 3x13; Legends Of Tomorrow 2x12; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x15; Arrow 5x14 

Supergirl 2x13

I did enjoy this episode.  Mon-El's jealousy provided some comic moments, and Mxy would have been more lovable if he wasn't blackmailing Kara into marrying him. Happily, she tricked him into saying his name backwards (we all knew she would) and did it herself. Nice to see that she's giving Mon-El a chance.

As for Alex, I'm not sure her relationship with Maggie will last. Seems to me like she has to suppress herself quite a bit to please Maggie, who has a tendency to be all "I'm outta here" if things don't go her way. I did like the effort she made for Valentine's Day after talking with Kara. Love is a two-way street, Ms. Sawyer.

Timeless 1x14 

I felt rather sorry for poor ol' Ethan Cahill. You could see the look on his face when Lucy asked if he could live a double life.  He's already living one with his homosexuality!  So many years to be a double agent. At least Rittenhouse was defeated, though it might still have an ace up its sleeve.  My guess as to the ending turned out right on two possibilities: Rittenhouse still exists, though not as powerfully, and someone other than Flynn stole the time machine (lousy security).

I'm not really upset over Flynn getting arrested before he could see about his family. The guy's a stone-cold killer. Sorry, Lucy, he is a monster.

Jiya's visions were triggered by the time travel. Can she ever time travel again, or is it too painful for her? And will she be able to help the Trio with future visions?

The twist with Lucy's mother: didn't see that one coming, though I probably should have.  Seems everyone's with Rittenhouse. And she was so fervent about the Cause! And so dismissive about a daughter she doesn't remember. I like the horror of the twist but don't like it. There should be a place of sanctuary for Lucy, and now dear ol' Mom is just another fascist. And this thing about everyone turning out to be Rittenhouse is kind of overkill, dontcha think? Appears Emma is getting with the program, too.

Anyway, I hope the show is renewed by NBC. They did leave dangling threads, so if they do cancel, I hope they get the opportunity to wrap things up.

The Flash 3x13

Grodd stories are always fun! Looks like he's a double-crosser, all right. :)

I did like the progression of the Julian/Caitlin and Wally/Jesse relationships. No idea if either of them will last (and Caitlin and Julian are more friends right now, anyway) but they are both fun to watch.

Legends Of Tomorrow 2x12

Okay, as dumb as it is for Ray to stay to fight, knowing he's going to die, I still can't help but admire him. He was definitely channeling his inner Superman! :)

I did like the rapport between Sarah and Guinevere. I like how Courtney created her to be kick-ass. :) If only a piece of the spear can create Camelot, imagine what the entire spear could do!

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x15

Tense drama! The LMDs certainly create tension. I'm not sure how anyone living in a world where LMDs are a thing could ever be sure the person they were talking to wasn't a robot! Maybe once they are defeated the process for making them will be lost, though Fitz knows. Radcliffe is permanently in the Framework, I'd say, since Aida so considerately slit his wrists for him and put him under. Wow, she's a force to be reckoned with! No surprise that experiencing emotions is her endgame.

How creepy/horrific is the Russian's fate? Yikes!

Interesting virtual reality scenarios: is that Grant that Daisy Sue's hooked up with?! And Mack's all domestic, Coulson's a teacher, and Fitzsimmons are filthy rich. If Jemma is the one Fitz is escorting out of the limo, that is. I guess the Director doesn't rate a scenario, unless that comes later.

May as a HYDRA agent. Hmm, channeling Comics Cap? :) Very dark desires there, May, unless she's a mole. That would be a challenge to keep her busy!

Now that I'm all excited to see what comes next, the show's going on hiatus again! I HATE hiatuses!

Arrow 5x14 

Wow, Thea, talk about ruining someone's life and career.  I know she had the goods on Ollie, but...and it's not a mistake, it's a choice, just as Ollie said.

I do enjoy seeing Ollie and Quentin working together so smoothly. I've always had a fondness for Quentin. He's just a guy who loves his daughters, and Ollie was not the best thing for either of them back in the day. I can see why he was negative toward Ollie, but he and Oliver have both grown since then. They are a good team.

I liked seeing Dinah in action.

Cupid was one of the escapees? She seemed rather generic.

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