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Supergirl 2x11; Timeless 1x12; The Flash 3x12; Legends Of Tomorrow 2x11; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x13; Arrow 5x12 

Supergirl 2x11

Poor Kara! It's tough when your sis/best friend has someone new in her life. I'm glad they addressed that. Happy Earth Birthday, Kara!

Oh, M'gann. Very noble of you to want to start a resistance but it seems almost useless as your people will kill you. Looks like J'onn is always destined for heartbreak. Timeless 1x12</i>

Wow, a redshirt was with Rufus and Lucy!

Hmm, so Lindbergh was still a dink? I wonder if that was his true nature or Rittenhouse got to him again.

I liked the sepia tones of the 1927 scenes. And Hemingway was a chauvinistic jerk but not unusual in that era, of course. He did indicate that the War was driving him. Some people could just use it as an excuse to drink and carouse, but a lot of that behavior was driven by a war that featured unending horror (early versions of tanks, flamethrowers, chemical weapons, etc.) and endless casualties for very little gain. In the end, it meant nothing, and the Lost Generation went through the Jazz Age numbed by drink and drugs.

Loved seeing Josephine Baker. She left America to become the toast of Paris and served in the French Resistance during World War II.

The Flash 3x12

Poor Julian is trying! Nice of Caitlin to ask him out for a drink.

Ironic that Iris almost died. Guess the timeline was changing!

Legends Of Tomorrow 2x11

George Washington is quite the adapter! Fun scenes with Rory.

Yikes! Glad Ray outran that rat!

Oh, Rip, your depression is showing. The Legion just brought it to the fore.

Sara's died twice now. Watch out, she might become Marvel's Jean Grey!

I like Amaya's old-fashioned approach to dating. :)

Loved the Christmas party, complete with silver tree and postwar rock 'n' roll holiday song. Where's the four-color wheel for the tree? :)

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x13

Agnes was an interesting addition. And Aida is showing signs of jealousy. She was definitely hurt being called a 'thing', and Radcliffe not sticking up for her. Will she 'die' in the end, maybe sacrificing herself, or go full-on rage monster?

Arrow 5x12

I don't know why, but the episodes set in Russia never hold my attention. Maybe because they seem to be extra depressing. This one was no exception. Blah!



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