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(Reviews) Supergirl 2x10; Timeless 1x11; Flash 3x11; Legends Of Tomorrow 2x10; AOS 4x12; Arrow 5x11

Supergirl 2x10; Timeless 1x11; The Flash 3x11; Legends Of Tomorrow 2x10; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x12; Arrow 5x11

Supergirl 2x10

Poor Mon! Still a rookie and striking out with Kara.

I always enjoy the bad guys teaming up with the good guys, even though it's inevitable that it doesn't last. Livewire at least knows a good deal when she sees it.

J'onn learned what M'gann had done, saving a Green Martian child and killing her fellow White Martian guards, and now the White Martians are coming for her!

I get Kara's worry for James and Winn, but she's worked with the Arrows and Legends and should know better. And if the Bats were around...!

I like Maggie knowing about Kara. Could be helpful in the future.

Timeless 1x11

Interesting episode with Wyatt and Rufus hijacking the lifeboat. Poor Anthony ended up as another one of Flynn's victims.

Not much of a surprise that Jessica was not alive when Wyatt and Rufus returned. Possibly Lucy's sister and Wyatt's wife are never coming back.

Nice little bits of business with Rufus and his fanboying of The A-Team and Manimal, and being the historian this time around by knowing 'stewardess' was still the term used in 1983 instead of 'flight attendant'.

Rittenhouse is Lucy's legacy?

The Flash 3x11

Why are reporters so dumb? Iris and Lois share the same annoying qualities, I see: recklessness, single-mindedness, and never listening to anybody.

Ha, Gypsy and Cisco sizzle! Let's hope H.R. can be saved.

Julian's trying, bless him.

Loved Gypsy's coffee fixation!

Legends Of Tomorrow 2x10

Ha, villains can never work together for long. This episode seemed a little slow with lots of sitting around and talking, but it beat watching poor Rip being tortured. The villains are working together  for now, but it won't last.

Whoa, Rory, way to pay back Martin for helping you last week, you tool. Glad Martin fixed things with his daughter.

Agents Of S.H.I.EL.D. 4x12

So LMD May was exposed and left behind by Radcliffe. Aida started out like this sweet robot and now seems eager to beat everyone up, LOL!

Not sure about a Phil/May romance. I prefer them as friends, I think.

Ha, the Koenig family is a hoot! :)

Arrow 5x11

Well, that was a neat little twist. Dinah Drake is now going to be the Black Canary!

The Internet will explode with outrage, disparaging 'the comics crowd', but I have no problem with this. Laurel was a bit passive for the role. Dinah should be like Lois Lane, a tough-as-nails woman able to do the dirty work. Being a cop fits (pre-COIE, her father was a cop, and post-COIE, she was a cop), and her rage is part of her. She doesn't take any of Ollie's crap and is his equal partner. This Dinah could kick Comics Ollie's butt.

Comics Ollie isn't a Batman wannabe (though ironically, for years he had an Arrowcar, an Arrowcave, an Arrow-Signal, and adopted a ward): he's an opinionated guy with a liberal bent who loves life. He doesn't mope around, at least not every minute.

I'm willing to see if this new Black Canary works out.

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