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Supergirl 2x9; Timeless 1x10; The Flash 3x10; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x11; Legends Of Tomorrow 2x9; Arrow 5x10

Supergirl 2x9

Love Mon-El! He;s funny and sweet and has gravitas lurking under that devil-may-care facade. Notice how how quick he was to disclaim any support for his planet's slave system. I loved the way he got under the blanket with Kara on the couch like a best bud.

I'm glad Alex got to be happy in that morning scene with Maggie and patch things up later, though it's a tad disturbing that Maggie is warning her that she better not mess up again, or she'll walk. No pressure or anything!

"I'm not a red shirt. I'm not a red shirt." Heh, Winn for the win!.

The alien who went home with the gang looks like good comic relief in the future. :)

Uh, oh, Mon-El! Trouble is going to find you!

I do like Mon not becoming a hero right away. That's a big commitment. Kind of staying out of things while enjoying hedonistic pleasures makes him stand out from Kal and Kara and that's a good thing. I'm not sure he'll stick with the superhero thing, but it'll be fun along the way. :)

Timeless 1x10

Good episode! Though the Trio's moping and whining can get old. Pretty sure the guys from The Time Tunnel didn't spend time griping. They were too busy trying to get home!

Jesse James was a psychopathic killer. The varnished legend was that Bob Ford was a coward for shooting him in the back, but he figured how else to get him with that quick draw? Very fitting that James died from a shot in the back, as he was meant to.

Emma is an interesting twist. I liked her modern gadgets in her 19th-century cabin.

Jiya won't last long enough to make her first flight at this rate.

Garcia Flynn: when he first debuted, he was the classic villain who was changing history for his own unknown reasons. Then he became more sympathetic as we learned Rittenhouse killed his family. Now he's little different from Jesse James, killing casually, though should we consider it a byproduct of his obsession? Or just plain insanity, ignited by grief or not?

Yay, the Lone Ranger and Tonto! Reeves did have a strong ethical code, and his Indian companion only felt at home with him.

The Flash 3x10

Lots of subplots in this one. I enjoyed the concept of the S.T.A.R. Labs Museum, but then I'm a fan of this goofy Harrison Wells. :)

Julian as part of the team? Could work.

Interesting plan to change the future.

Legends Of Tomorrow 2x9

The George Lucas connection was fun. Who doesn't love movies? Jiwe, apparently. Movie Night: awesome! Not a huge fan of Raiders but love the Original Star Wars Trilogy. Ha, the garbage scene! Somehow Ray and Nate being inspired by these movies seem fitting.

Martin performing brain surgery on Rory and the others just accepting it was pretty cool. :)

The Spear of Destiny is interesting. In the comics' Golden Age, Hitler had possession and was able to keep heavy hitters like Superman and Captain Marvel at bay with it.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x11

I'm with Talbot on this one. Phil was reckless with the bugging of Nadeer's office.

Ooh, Mack and Elena are hot together!

Okay, good twist with Radcliffe. He's going in with Nadeer. If he wasn't holding May hostage and hadn't replaced her with an LMD, I'd speculate he was going under deep cover but only with someone's special knowledge (Talbot, Phil, someone unknown higher up?) with some reward in it for him. While I understand Radcliffe returning to sneaky ways for story purposes, I kind of liked him as a semi-good guy. He and Fitz hung out watching soccer matches together. That implies a level of comfort and intimacy. Poor Fitz, feeling betrayed, but at least the Aida obsession is explained now.

Radcliffe better run. When May is released from his thrall, she isn't going to like him manipulating her with Bahrain.

Arrow 5x10

Damnit, Black Siren, you botched everything! Bing, bam, boom! No more Felicity! Fitting the Black Canary statue was destroyed during a battle with the Siren.

Felicity's jealousy was tiresome. She undercut Oliver's authority and said he had blinders? She let Black Siren go!

Glad Curtis is playing to his strengths now.

Nice to see Diggle being helped.

The search for a new Black Canary?



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