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(Reviews) Timeless 1x9

Timeless 1x9

Timeless 1x9

Wow, pretty exciting Winter Finale!

I did like Denise Christopher's precautions about her family in case Time made them disappear. Very wise.

Fun watching Rufus and Jiya hang out.

I would feel sorry for Flynn after what happened to his family but he's such a cold-blooded killer. Clever, though, dangling the bait about his wife to ensure Wyatt's cooperation.

Man, that Rittenhouse is one cold customer. He's a killer and rapist, the complete package! Wonder who 'the others' are? Flynn shot him while he was monologuing. Can't blame Flynn for this one, though will the son's escape mean things get even worse? The kid looks reluctant to follow his father's garbage, but did Rittenhouse successfully poison his mind before he was killed? It'll be interesting to find out! And to see how they get Lucy back!

The show is slated to return on January 16th and air its remaining 6 episodes. If they do get renewed for next year, will they change the main plot? The Trio does look incompetent, always just missing Flynn, but to be fair, they are on the defensive and must always chase after Flynn, and time is as vast as the Universe. Still, maybe a new Mission is in order for Season 2 (if they are renewed).


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Dec. 16th, 2016 11:39 am (UTC)
I enjoyed this last episode. It gives hints that maybe things are changing, and in a big way, when it comes to our heroes mission. And Flynn is something of a bastard, though he seems to know that he is.
Dec. 16th, 2016 03:21 pm (UTC)
Yes, I got that feeling, too. And Flynn seems to genuinely regret what he's done, but he'll continue to kill. He didn't have to kill Rowe to take his place nor kill Cornwallis, but he did it effortlessly. It'll also be interesting to discover his connection with Lucy. Something's there.
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