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(Reviews) Supergirl 2x8; Timeless 1x7; The Flash 3x8; AOS. 4x7; Arrow 5x8; Legends Of Tomorrow 2x7

Supergirl 2x8; Timeless 1x7; The Flash 3x8; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x7; Arrow 5x8; Legends Of Tomorrow 2x7

The four-show CW crossover was this week!

Supergirl 2x8

Thanksgiving at the Danvers is not your usual feast! :)

A mother always knows. Eliza is a good mom. Alex can finally relax.

Poor Mon-El and J'onn! Can either of these guys catch a break?   

Wow, the Medusa Virus is like Marvel's Terrigen Mist, killing a certain portion of the population (Mutants), though in Marvel it also transforms those humans with the Inhuman gene into Inhumans.

I thought Lena would pull something like that. She may still follow family tradition and turn on Supergirl, but for now she's one of the good guys.

Mon's in trouble!  But J'onn's cured, and Maggie's getting a clue. Mmmm, and what a clue!

Nice segue with Barry and Cisco.

Timeless 1x7

Pretty exciting episode! It also points up the fact that the Apollo missions were extremely risky. No one knew if they'd survive, because a million things could've gone wrong (see Apollo 13). It could have been devastating to lose the astronauts on the moon.

I liked Katherine Johnson a LOT. Women like her blazed the trail.

Interesting how Rufus felt so superior about 2016 computer tech but people from the future always forget that there's a generation down the line that will find it amusing about their 'superior' tech.

Lucy delivered the obligatory dressing-down of the sexist coffee-drinker, but who cares? The jerk deserved it.

Wyatt lookin' very sexy as an FBI guy! :)

Rufus really has come a long way, but he hasn't changed completely. He's still worried about his reaction to killing one of the bad guys.

The Flash 3x8

Lots of getting-to-know-each-other and fighting aliens, but I enjoyed it.

And, Cisco? I get your grief and rage, but you came across as a vindictive tattletale in this one.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x7

The mysterious book saved them! And now Ada is up to something?

I liked the way the bulk of the episode was filmed in shades of sepia until the end.

Arrow 5x8

Thea did it for a little while, but for once I'd like to see someone say, "You know, reality kinda sucks. I'm good here in my fantasy world, thanks." As Thea said, what did they have to go back to? Pain and grief!

Loved seeing Laurel in her wedding gown. Ollie FINALLY figured out she's the one for him!

Legends Of Tomorrow 2x7

Yikes, pile on Barry, why doncha?

They killed off Prez Lynda Carter! Or is she really dead? Nice byplay between Mick and Sara: "Is she hot?" "She's hot."

Poor Martin. A daughter!

Ollie keeping Kara at bay? How Batman of him!

Loved Ray saying that Kara looked like his cousin. Nice nod to Brandon Routh's Superman. :)

I enjoyed the crossover. Bet they do another one next year if the ratings were good! :)

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