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Supergirl 2x7; Timeless 1x6; The Flash 3x7

Supergirl 2x7

So the angelic Lillian Luthor of Smallville Lex's memory is now a vengeful villain. Wonder how Lena will evolve.

Uh, oh, J'onn's in trouble. Those White Martians are waaay bigger than Green ones! And now he's turning into one!


Hey, Kara used the ol' heat-vision-to-heat-things-up routine.:)

Hmm, Hank Henshaw/Cyborg Superman sure is a peach.

Hmm, hope for eventual Alex/Maggie?

Timeless 1x6

Aww, the Trio bonded again! :)

Wow, I'm liking Rufus more and more. Poor guy was thrust into a situation above his pay grade but his courage is shining through.

The journal could be a fake, Garcia knows a lot about Lucy so copying her writing stlye once he studied samples wouldn't be hard.

Yay, Jiya! She totally got Rufus' time capsule message. Though why can't people be both Star Trek and Star Wars? I am. :)

Chocodiles! :)

The Flash 3x7

Eep! I know that Barry messed up big-time, but all this piling on made me begin to feel sorry for Barry. Iris is right. Who knows if Caitlin wouldn't have become Killer Frost, anyway, Flashpoint or no Flashpoint? Though I understand Cisco's anger. Maybe his brother Dante would have died, anyway, but that's tough to swallow. Also for Caitlin, who makes a great villain! Caitlin 'Snow' as Killer 'Frost'. Huh.

Glad to see Wally in good health again. He'd wanted to be a speedster so much!

Smart people sometimes look down on those who aren't as smart. The gang should realize that Harrison Wells has a contribution to make, too. I did enjoy him and Joe bonding. "What does your gut tell you?"

Julian is such a jerk, using Caitlin to force Barry to quit. And no we discover he's Dr. Alchemy! Good twist!


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Nov. 24th, 2016 08:19 pm (UTC)
Absolutely LOVED Supergirl and The Flash!

That cold(!)kiss between KillerFlash!

I was so upset that Julian used Caitlin against Barry. Few weeks ago there was the famous "One night of drinking doesn't make us friends" where I had a fanfic idea of "What about a Night Of.." Jurry, and then this happens! AND he is Alchemy too!

:'( :'(

Excited for the Big Crossover!!
Nov. 24th, 2016 10:31 pm (UTC)
Some of the twists aren't so great, to be sure!

I'm intrigued by the big crossover, too. I love heroes teaming up. :)
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