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(Reviews) Supergirl 2x6; Timeless 1x5; The Flash 3x6; Arrow 5x7; Legends Of Tomorrow 2x6

Supergirl 2x6; Timeless 1x5; The Flash 3x6; Arrow 5x7; Legends Of Tomorrow 2x6

Supergirl 2x6

Poor Alex! She's all excited about coming out and Maggie shoots her down. *hugs* I did like her coming out to Kara and the second scene where they hashed things out.

Poor Mon-El! He's going to be a bad guy now thanks to Cadmus after finding himself.

Nice to see James' Guardian costume resembling the Golden Age version and Winn getting caught up in the superhero game.

People, when you go to an isolated research station after watching a video in which someone's screaming, "It's not human!" and there's hollowed-out husks lying around, maybe you shouldn't bring back the lone survivor unless it's in a very high-security setting.

Timeless 1x5

The Trustless Trio! Though what did Wyatt and Lucy expect Rufus to do? Just allow Rittenhouse to kill his family? Garcia told Wyatt what the Big Bads did to his family just for asking a question! Lucy has more to answer for, meeting with Garcia and not coming clean.

And Wyatt? He never told the details of his wife's death. He got jealous, then drunk, and accused her of all sorts of things, I'm sure, THEN DROVE OFF AND LEFT HER ALONE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE AT NIGHT! She falls prey to a killer. No wonder Wyatt's so obsessed. He ought to be. The ol' drunken, jealous husband routine is despicable. He didn't kill his wife, but he put her in a dangerous position, and she paid for his stupidity. 

Wow, Rittenhouse is widespread, even to the White House.

I liked the 'doc' being a history Ph.D.! And how Lucy bonded with her due to their shared profession. Also liked the role reversal of her being stuck to wait outside in the black neighborhood.

The Flash 3x6.

Missed this due to being out for the night at the ballet! :)

Arrow 5x7

Poor Quentin! He really suffers so. Good thing Thea is there for him.

I'm surprised that Ollie isn't totally nuts, considering he was tortured for practically five years by various bad guys.

Interesting twist at the end. There's always one bad apple in the bunch.

Legends Of Tomorrow 2x6

The Wild West episodes are always fun. Liked the scenes between Vixen and Rory, Sara and Hex, and enjoyed Nate's heroism and Roy wanting to say all the cool Western stuff. :)

Oh, Martin! You may have messed up big time. Tsk, tsk!

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