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(Reviews) Supergirl 2x5; Arrow 5x6; Legends Of Tomorrow 2x5

Supergirl 2x5; Arrow 5x6; Legends Of Tomorrow 2x5

Supergirl 2x5

Mon-El is a hoot! I really like his character and his 'hedonistic' ways. Working out pretty well for him, isn't it? ;) He looks so cute in glasses!

I'm enjoying the Smallville vibe we're getting with Kara/Lena. So far Lena seems to be on the up-and-up, but could something happen to turn her against Supergirl? And a female Lionel! Ooh, the plot thickens!

James' new career is interesting. Is Mr. Action going to be his moniker?

Oh, Alex! Trying to come to grips with being gay. Maggie will wait for you, honey. :)

Arrow 5x6

Is it me, or is this new Team Arrow uber-whiny?

Knew Quentin was drinking again. And that reveal at the end? Didn't see that one coming!

Legends Of Tomorrow 2x5

Sad to see the demise of the JSA.

Martin mad at martin was pretty funny.

Good revenge on Damien, Sara, except he's got access to time travel! Yikes! He'll try and change that future for sure. Does that mean he'll pop up on Arrow again?

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