bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Cubbies Win!!!

The moon will blast out of Earth orbit, ha, ha! Last time Cubbies won World War I was still six years away and people were still calling cars 'horseless carriages'! :)

In the '70s, the premise of the British SF show Space: 1999 was that the moon was blasted out of Earth orbit in September 1999. Who won the World Series in '98, according to the show? The Boston Red Sox! Close enough! :)

I would have been happy with the Indians winning, too, as Manager Terry Francona would have gotten his third ring. He was the Sox manager for the historic '04 win, and in '07 as well. The Indians are working on their own epic generational drought, not having won since '48. However, glad to see long-suffering Cubs fans get the chance to celebrate! There's nothing quite like it. That first moment of realization that your team is a champion is pure unalloyed joy! Woo hoo!
Tags: boston red sox, space: 1999
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