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Week 8: New England Patriots 41, Buffalo Bills 25 (7-1) (Sunday, October 30, 2016)

Week 8: New England Patriots 41, Buffalo Bills 25 (7-1) (Sunday, October 30, 2016)

Revenge tastes sweet! The Pats put up a 41-burger (Mmm, tastes like Angus beef) and Tom put up 4 touchdowns. He hit Amendola, Hogan, Gronk and Edelman. LeGarrette Blount rushed for a TD. Ghost hit all his field goals and PATs. The offense was really clicking! And Tom is looking light-footed at age 39! :) Gronk dragged his usual half-dozen guys down the field as he caught-and-run. He is now the Patriots leader in TDs: 69. :)

Defense had some good moments but bungled some stuff. Poor tackling today.

Special teams a little shaky but mostly good. 75-yard punt return by Jules!

Ha, ha, the Ryan brothers' faces on the sidelines: priceless! :) The Bills. as usual, racked up a lot of stupid penalties. Rex almost got hit with an unsportsmanlike penalty!

So much for that 16-0 loss against the Bills at home with an injured third-string quarterback under center.

The Jets won today and the Dolphins are on their bye.


NE 7-1
BUFF 4-4
Miami 3-4 (Bye)
NYJ 3-5

Next week: Patriots are on the bye.
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