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(Reviews) Supergirl 2X2; Timeless 1X3; The Flash 3X3; AOS 4x4; Arrow 5X3; Legends Of Tomorrow 2x2

Supergirl 2X2; Timeless 1X3; The Flash 3X3; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4X4; Arrow 5X3; Legends Of Tomorrow 2X2

Supergirl 2x2

Poor Kara! Change has been unsettling for her. Losing your world makes you wary of change.

It does show how young she still is when she's ready to run off to Metropolis and abandon Alex, who gave up a lot for her. She's being selfish,though it's understandable. Who else but Clark can understand what it's like to be Supergirl? Though Winn had some good advice for Alex: it isn't about scorekeeping in families, and though it's hard to shake off childhood behavior patterns, as a grown woman she can choose a medical career if she wants. I'm glad the sisters made up. They're much better together.

Metallo is a great villain: what keeps him alive kills Kryptonians.

A pity that Clark and J'onn are at loggerheads in this 'verse. They've always been friends everywhere else.

Nice to see Kara saving Clark in that first fight. And great tag-teaming at the end!

Cat's leaving? Contract dispute? :)

Aww, Clark and J'onn are buddies! Sweeet! :)

Tyler Hoechlin makes a good Superman. I like the producers wanting a Superman we remember, not some emo guy moping around. And his Clark is adorably dorky! :)

Timeless 1x3

Hunky fiance, Lucy! ;)

Atomic City! Vegas in '62! Cue the Rat Pack!

So JFK is mixed up in this somehow via his mistress? Is the Cuban Missile Crisis a month later the reason Flynn's there?

Western Union delivery, Wyatt? Oh, well, it was worth a shot.

An A-bomb in Flynn's hands? Yikes!

Hard to believe that atomic bomb tests were regular occurrences in the desert. U.S. troops were stationed at practically Ground Zero. Either the Government just didn't know the effects of nuclear radiation or didn't care (and used the troops as guinea pigs to gauge effects). JFK signed a Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in 1963, banning the United States from above-ground testing. The U.S.S.R. and the United Kingdom also signed.

The Flash 3x3

I like this theme of timeline changes afteraffects this season. Usually a fixed timeline goes back to status quo, but this is interesting.

Magenta was a villain, but born out of Frankie's pain. Poor kid.

Caitlin must be hiding her powers because she knew that her counterpart on Earth-2 was a killer.

Looks like Wally isn't the brightest bulb on the tree with that stunt he pulled trying to jumpstart powers he may or may not have. I thought he was supposed to be smart?

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x4

Jemma knew Ada was an android right away! Amusing how May got along so well with Ada. :)

I also liked Jemma telling Daisy Sue in no uncertain terms that she just couldn't waltz in, get help, and waltz right back out again. Fitz was ticked off, too, and even Coulson was a bit cool.

I;m disappointed in James' direction. That's some heavy-duty self-hate there! I was always fond of the guy. I like Lance Hunter, too. Rogues can be fun, but poor James has gone off the rails. 

Arrow 5x3

Trust? In the Arrowverse?

Yay for Fair Play, Michael! I love bringing Mr. Terrific in.

How is Ollie not a total basket case after suffering so much sadistic torture in his past?

Legends Of Tomorrow 2x2

World War II is in this season. Timeless is going back to Nazi-occupied Paris in 1944 and this show is doing 1942 Paris.

The show has picked up a new character, a historian, just like Lucy in Timeless,. The ol' Similar Script Effect is in full swing.

The Hulk! Terrible CGI.

C'mon, Ray, you've got to keep your cover better than that!

Kind of a mishmash of stuff tonight. And I suppose Sara is the best of a bad lot. The whole bunch are way too emotional and dismissive of messing with history to be leaders.

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