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(Reviews) Supergirl 2x1; Timeless 1x2; AOS 4x3; The Flash 3x2; Arrow 5x2; Legends Of Tomorrow 2x1

(Reviews) Supergirl 2x1; Timeless 1x2; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x3; The Flash 3x2; Arrow 5x2; Legends Of Tomorrow 2x1

All of the shows I review did well this week, so I was pretty satisfied. :)

Supergirl 1x1

The move from CBS to the CW hasn't changed Supergirl. The tone of the show is the same, and that makes me happy. And I approve of the change from keeping Superman distant to showing up to help his cousin. Fun scene with him arriving at the DEO and all the agents standing around in awe.

So Kara suddenly isn't in love with James anymore after pining for him all last year? A tad abrupt, eh?

Cat reveals her sharp insight by guessing upon first meeting Kara that she was reporter material. And her interest in Clark is pretty sweet. Hope Miss Teschmacher has strong stuff, because being Cat Grant's assistant is no cup of tea.

I'd watch Lena Luthor. Luthors love to appear respectable!

Who is the mystery Kryptonian?

Ah, so Metallo is created. Very good. And since Clark's sticking around, they're going to clash.

Timeless 1x2

I squeed when Lucy said she was a Lincoln admirer! She even wrote a book about him! She's read practically eveything there is on him. That's my kind of woman! :)

I can't imagine how difficult it was for Lucy to face Lincoln's murder. It's obvious that with the rushed nature of this situation, no psychological evaluations were done to see whether these time travelers could handle meeting people and letting history take its course. This Prime Directive has already been breached many times.

So Lucy had a different father than Amy? Mayhaps Garcia Flynn? Flynn has hinted that Lucy should not be a scholar, indicating that she had a different life. What if Garcia is the good guy and the unethical Connor Mason the bad guy? He's forcing a reluctant Rufus to tape his friends' conversations without their knowledge. What if the timeline was originally changed by Mason using that first time machine? Wouldn't it be a twist if 'our' timeline wasn't the 'real' one and Garcia was fixing it, though it seems a bit shaky.

Shaky as in some nameless guy killing Lincoln? Maybe some guy in the original timeline waylaid Booth and didn't make a theatrical thing of it, but that's pretty farfetched. The Hindenburg could have crashed a day later with the loss of the 'Oh, the humanity!' line, and the second crash doesn't have as many witnesses or cameras. Both changes to history are decidedly less dramatic and defined. It's more likely the better-documented events (our timeline) are the genuine timeline.

Poor Rufus can't catch a break! Even the black guys don't like him. And it's easy for him to say it's going to get better, but he's telling some poor schmo whose descendants have to live the next century under oppression, though there's a brief flowering of opportunity under Reconstruction, when blacks are elected to Congress and vote and the future is bright until 1876 and the deal for Federal troops' withdrawal from the conquered states and Rutherford B. Hayes becomes President. Lincoln would have fought fot permanent change, not temporary as the Radical Republicans were more interested in punitive measures than justice for blacks. African-Americans knew that they had lost a friend.

So next week is Vegas in '62? Cue the Rat Pack! 

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x3

The show always starts out slow but picks up steam. The intercutting between Old School Fitz and Simmons desperately trying to save May was well dine. Also liked seeing more Yo-Yo. Damn, Mack, stop obsessing over Daisy Sue! Elena's right. Is there a 'them'? Though I did find it amusing that Gabe told Daisy Sue to get lost and to stay away from his brother.

The Flash 3x2

I'm glad that Barry couldn't change the timeline back. Too many chances to mess things up further. I always thought Iris was all right too quickly with Joe lying to her about her mother, but it was fixable, as was Cisco's anger toward Barry. The only one who changed irrevocably was Caitlin.

Nice to see Jay and his analogy. I love how Earth-2 has this retro look about it, fitting for the Earth of the Golden Age heroes. :)

Arrow 5x2

Ollie was really channeling his inner Bat in this ep! I guess you'd call it Arrow-dickery.

Nice to see Diggle with his own storyline.

Felicity wasn't too annoying, so there's that.

Not sure about this new team but I'm willing to see where they're going with it.

Legends Of Tomorrow 2x1

That was a good premiere for the season. I liked the French milieu and 1942 New York for time periods.

So Einstein was an old leche? Trump would've loved him.

It would have been an interesting story arc trying to find the team scattered through time, though poor Ray got the short end of the stick.

Is Rip dead? If he's reunited with his wife and son, he might be better off, but I'm sure he'll pop up again, just like creepy Damien Darhk. Sara will get her chance at revenge again.

Sara had a good time in 1692 Salem and back with the French Queen. Naughty, naughty!

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