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(Reviews) Timeless 1x1; The Flash 3x1; Arrow 5x1

Well, I decided to add Timeless to my comics show reviews. I'm a sucker for time travel stories! :)

Timeless 1x1

I rather liked it. Sure, people will complain it's cliched, but my attention was kept throughout the hour so I'm in for next week.

I am loving Lucy. :) I adore her love of history, because that's me! I'd jump at the chance to go back in time. I shared her awe and excitement at arriving in 1937. She knows her history and will be invaluable on these missions.

Okay, Wyatt the soldier has already broken the Prime Directive ("Don't change history!") and Rufus is an odd choice to go back in the past as he'll be very limited in where he can go and what he can do, but I suppose the dramatic reason is how he overcomes social limitations to be of use.

Looks like Kate Drummond was doomed all along. Time repairing itself?

We're supposed to assume the man who stole the second, new-and-improved time machine is the villain, but what if Garcia Flynn isn't? How does anyone know back in 2016 that they're living the 'right' timeline? And they've already changed the Hindenburg's history. Is Lucy's suddenly-non-existent sister a 'false' memory of a 'false' timeline? Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus were protected as time travelers but will their memories eventually fade of the old timeline? I LOVE these kinds of questions! :)

Next week is 1865. A rendezvous at Ford's Theater, mayhaps? 

The Flash 3x1

Wow, they resolved Flashpoint pretty quick, or did they? Poor Barry! His mother's alive and his father doesn't rot in prison but it's not meant to be. And yet changing the timeline back still has messed things up with Iris and Joe not talking.

Arrow 5x1

So Ollie's back killing? Grrrreat!

All this honoring of Laurel is supreme irony, considering the shabby treatment of this beloved character.

Wonder who the new team will be?

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