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Superman Is GOOD! (LSH, The Batman) (November 3, 2007)

Legion of Super Heroes (Episode 6), The Batman (Episode 5) (November 3, 2007)

What stood out for me about LSH today? How Clark was so clearly the moral center (not moralist, as the fundies and family values phonies yap about) of the hero world. His goodness and decency helped turn around a villainous type, and his concern and anger over what happened to Chameleon Boy was touching.

Kell-El should take note.

Wonderful seeing the Flash in The Batman today! The Mirror Master is a cleverly-done villain, and it was a good, fast-paced story, appropriate for a guest star appearance by the Flash.

And the Flash seems to be Wally instead of Barry, though they never said his name.

A great little scene: the Flash checking on Alfred and Dick after they were freed from their mirror prison, and telling Bruce everything (meaning his family) were all right.

I do like a sidekick named Smoke for Mirror Master. :)
Tags: batman & robin, legion of super heroes, review, superman, the batman, the flash
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