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So as the 2016 season opens, the greatest quarterback in the game will be sitting out a quarter of the season for NOTHING!!!

Think about that for a minute. A QUARTER OF THE SEASON. No proof. The Ideal Gas Law deflated the footballs in thw 2015 AFC Championship. The NFL haven't released any air measurements from last season. What does this suggest to you?

Yes, I'm biased, I'm a New England Patriots and Tom Brady fan, but even if I wasn't, I can recognize a frame-up when I see it.

If you are interested in the anatomy of a smear and a frame-up,

read on:

The NFL planted a false story the day after the 2015 AFC Championship Game about 11 of the 12 Patriots balls being TWO POUNDS underweight. The number of balls was wrong, and the amount of air ridiculously long, but who needs facts? The false story is STILL up on ESPN's website 18 months later, and the reporter, an NFL shill, still defends it. BTW, numerous scientists and a 7th-grader proved that the air pressure lessened due to weather conditions, not human intervention. Guess the NFL are all science illiterates.

The man in charge of game-day operations, Mike Kensil, is a former New York Jet and avowed hater of Bill Belichick after BB resigned as HC of the NYJ. He said to the Pats equipment chief BEFORE any investigation, "You are SO screwed!"

The NFL continually leaked facts about the investigation, most of them lies.

The Wells Report said that Tom "may have been possibly aware" but offered no evidence. Texts from a game-day employee calling himself the Deflator were joking about his nickname because he deflated footbalss BEFORE the officials checked them, not AFTER.

In Tom's appeal hearing (presided over by Goodell, who had issued the punishment), he presented once again his texts from the cellphone he had replaced. Wells had requested the texts, not the phone. Tom replaced his old phone, which Goodell would later say, "He DESTROYED his cellphone!" for better headlines and a false point to hang the 4-game suspension on. Also, he made claims about what Tom said in this hearing that proved to be lies when the transcript was ordrered released by Judge Berman.  He also went fromTom "possibly" knowing something to "orchestrating a plot". With no evidence, of course.

The NFL owners were envious of the Patriots success and urged Goodell to lay down a ridiculous punishment: 4-game suspension for Tom, a million-dollar fine against the Patriots, and taking away a 1st-round pick in 2016 and a 4th-rounder in 2017. This despite the Wells Report EXONERATED the coach and team from any wrongdoing in his report.

The NFL put out the lies and leaks against the Patriots via ESPN and other outlets which they have TV contracts: ABC, CBS, NBC and the NFL Network.

So there you have it, a man who's always done things right, has an exemplary work ethic, never had a violation, declared his innocence under oath, and received a harsher penalty than Ray Rice, who knocked his then-fiance out cold in an elevator (Rice received 2 games before the tape was shown and people vilified NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell), and received the same penalty (4 games) as Greg Hardy, who beat up his girlfriend and threw her on a futon loaded with assault rifles, then dragged her by the hair and threw her into the bathtub anf choked her). Just recently Giants kicker Josh Brown, guilty of beating his wife multiple times, was given a 1-game suspension even though the rule is 6 games for domestic violence offenses.

That is justice in the NFL: lies, no evidence, deception, and envy sacrificing the face of the NFL. It's like the NBA Commissioner dragging an innocent LeBron through the mud. 

The Patriots have placed Tom's number on top of the lighthouse in Gillette Stadium and have hung a banner with his oicture. Let's hope Pats fans scream "Brady, Brady, Brady!" and "Go to hell, Goodell!" every home game. The networks will go crazy muffling the latter chant. They probably won't show the banner on TV. Too afraid of the NFL.
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