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Happy Star Trek Day!!! :)

Happy Star Trek Day, my friends! :)

Yep, today is the 50th anniversary of that groundbreaking pop culture phenomenon, Star Trek! It debuted on NBC this day 50 years ago and ran for three years, inspiring an animated series and three television spin-offs, six TOS movies, several ST:TNG movies, and the current Reboot. Even if a person hasn't watched a single second of any of the TV shows or movies, they're aware of who Kirk and Spock are, "Beam me up, Scotty!", and probably tribbles! :) It was the show with the first interracial kiss on TV (Kirk and Uhura in Plato's Stepchildren) and featured an integrated cast (though I Spy and Hogan's Heroes beat them out by a year, it was still a major thing in 1966). The show entered the cultural lexicon a long time ago and inspired people in real life to go into scientific careers and to join NASA. It helped create modern Fandom and kicked off the slash movement within that Fandom. You can thank K/S for the abundance of slash from all TV shows and movies today.

Enjoy the day, pet a tribble, play the Vulcan lyrette, and create your own adventure on the holodeck. Above all, live long and prosper, my friends! :)
Tags: fandom, friends, hogan's heroes, i spy, kirk/spock, slash, star trek, star trek: tos
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