bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

*waves to f-list* See You Soon!

Probably turning in early tonight. I have to get up early tomorrow as I’m going on a little overnight jaunt. :) So I’ll be off-line until late Sunday or sometime Monday. Any comments you make on my LJ will be answered when I get back! :) Also, Sunday is going to be very busy as the Game Of The Century (or at least this NFL season) is happening at 4:15 on CBS between the Patriots and Colts. :)

I’m bringing my notebook with me to see if I can work on the LJ First Anniversary Fic Requests. I’ve gotten quite a few so far though I haven’t reached the limit of requests yet. Maybe a few more will pop up over there by the time I get back. :)
Tags: flist, rl
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