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(Preseason) Week 2: New England Patriots 23, Chicago Bears (2-0) (Thursday, August 18, 2016)

(Preseason) Week 2: New England Patriots 23, Chicago Bears (2-0) (Thursday, August 18, 2016)

Odd happenings for this game: all three Patriot quarterbacks were scheduled to play, then Tom was scratched due to cutting his thumb with a pair of scissors. He was sent home and Jimmy G. got the start.

He looked better than last week, more poised, and the O-line was better, but it needs a lot of work! Jimmy did not have many 1st-team weapons but did have newcomer Martellus Bennett, and the running game was pretty good. The defense looked shakier than last week, allowing the Bears to march up and down the field in the first quarter, but clamped down, though they gave up a sloppy TD in the final minutes of the game.

Plenty for the coaches to harp on this week, but some improvement shown. And will Tom play at all in the third game against the Panthers? That's uncertain right now, considering his injury.

Lots of unanswered questions but also some bright spots, so the team is coming along. Whether or not that translates into wins in September without Tom, only time will tell! :)
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