bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to the prettiest quarterback in the NFL! Pats fans in New England have been celebrating the day with birthday greetings, buying Brady-decorated cakes, and piling in at training camp and enjoying the day with a little serenade. :)

Tom is now the oldest active player (excluding kickers/punters) in the NFL. Lookin' good for 39, Tommy! ;)

First day of training camp drew over 12,000 people (I was one of the 12,000), and the first four days drew over 72,000. Monday night was a practice limited to season ticket holders and citizens of Foxboro and 24,000 showed up.

Before the game the team inducted Kevin Faulk into the Patriots Hall of Fame. Kevin wore a Brady jersey under his jacket as he did on Draft Night. At the end of the ceremony a surprise guest appeared: Tom! Who just happened to be wearing a Kevin Faulk jersey. What a couple of sweethearts! :)
Tags: birthday, football, new england patriots, tom brady, training camp
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