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(Reviews) The Flash 2x23; Arrow 4x23

The Flash 2x23

Geez, can't anybody step out of the way to avoid getting sucked into Earth 2?

Hey, let's imprison the one guy who has a shot at stopping Zoom! Brilliant!

So, a Henry doppelganger is the real Jay Garrick? I like him in the traditional costume.

Yikes, here I thought we might not have a cliffhanger ending, and then Barry saves his mother in the past! I guess that means he'll be raised by his parents. Should be interesting to see how he relates to Joe and Iris now. Will they even know him in the new timeline? I wonder if the timey-wimey diddling will bring Supergirl's world into the fold?

Arrow 4x23

Gah, all this nuclear death is depressing! Too bad there isn't a Supergirl on their Earth.

Boy, Curtis is right, ya gotta be tenacious crazy to live in Star City.

Looks like everyone's deserting the ship. Everyone except Felicity. *sigh*

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