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(Reviews) The Flash 2x21; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x20; Arrow 4x21; Legends Of Tomorrow 1x15

The Flash 2x21

Interesting depiction of the Speed Force.

"Plan H!"

Will Caitlin leave?

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x20

Poor Mack. He's lost faith! After that beating, I don't blame him.

I'm growing fond of Talbot. The guy's got a sense of humor, unusual for military brass. "Do you think I'm stupid?" And his gesture of "Don't answer that!" to Coulson. Clark Gregg looked genuinely amused.

Daisy's looking a bit peaked...and doubtful! Good for Lincoln not falling for her b.s.

Ooh, good twist! Sending Lash to the Inhumans? Brilliant!

Damnit, Lash is dead? All because of Daisy? The Mary Sue is strong in this one.

Arrow 4x21

Creepy Pleasantville.

Way to go, Felicity! Neglecting your CEO duties got you the boot and made things more difficult.

Liked everyone working together: Team Arrow, Felicity's father, Quentin.

Wow, so they actually had a nuke hit. The hack was good for Monument Point but not so much for the poor 'burb of Havenbrooke.

Legends Of Tomorrow 1x15

Wow, so Leonard bought the farm. Oh, well, he'll be back. No one stays dead in comics.

Some nice heroics by Ray and Rory, too, Good scene with the two of them.

I figured Rip's family would still die. Savage is really monstrous. And the Time Masters allied themselves with him? They deserve to go down.

Time Masters plotting Destiny? Interesting.

I liked Sara giving Leonard that 'stolen kiss'.

With time screwed up, what's next?

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