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Statistics (2006-2015)

Hi, luvs!

Recently I've been working on a statistics project and I've come up with some good numbers. :) I've been keeping word counts of all my posts on LJ, starting in 2010, but the years 2006-2009 were not tabulated, so I decided to go back and count things up since those years were my most prolific on LJ. It took awhile but was fun to do as I revisited old stories and tallied quite a few words for my fanfic writing.

During the 'missing years' I posted dozens of stories or chapters of multi-chaptered stories per month. One month in 2009 saw 17 stories posted and that didn't even count the chapters of longer works! So my Muses were white-hot in those days. The period of my most prolific output coincided with an explosion of fannish energy and activity on LJ in which I was posting and reading dozens of stories per week. Good times! :)

The following statistics represent all fiction posts made to LJ. All were fanfic with the exception of 3 original fics I posted in 2009*. These stats do not count writing made for profic or non-posted stories. 2006 was a very low number as I didn't start posting any fic until December of that year. I had created my journal on October 24, 2006 and lurked for a bit to see how things were done. :) 2016 statistics were not included as that is a WIP. 2011 was the beneficiary of 3 Big Bangs and a Big Bang-length zine story that eventually ended up on LJ. Whew!


No. of Stories/Year Total Word Count/Year Total

(2006) 4 (4) 3,182 (3,182)

(2007) 83 (87) 274,335 (277,517)

(2008) 99 (186) 259,951 (537,468)

(2009) 110 (296) 271,074 (808,542)

(2010) 87 (383) 209,445 (1,017,987)

(2011) 76 (459) 243,034 (1,261,021)

(2012) 45 (504) 214,088 (1,475,109)

(2013) 41 (545) 107,134 (1,582,243)

(2014) 52 (597) 103,791 (1,686,034)

(2015) 28 (625) 81,197 (1,767,231)

*(4,394 words of 2009's total were for 3 stories of original fiction)

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