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The Flash 2x19

I felt a little sorry for this particular villain. Growing older by the minute could make anyone crackers!

Y'know, Caitlin, the only thing worse than being targeted by a serial killer is to have a srial killer in love with you. Will somehow she end up the new Killer Frost (brainwashing), just as Cisco feared?

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x18

It seemed like the night for everyone finishing each other's sentences, and not just Fitzsimmons. Also eveyone looked beat up with scratches and bruises. Realistic, but in their line of work, won't we have to see that all the time?

Creepy HIVE/Skye scenes.

If I was Lincoln, I would have told Phil what he could do with his murder vest. How unfair is it that Phil could easily order May to push that switch while it's a no-go on Skye? Glad she called him out on it.

Eye-stabbing! Eww! Last week skull peeling and now this? Double eww!

Fitz looks absolutely yummy in glasses! And he and Jemma talking about their relationship in scientific terms was fun. :)

Cool shield, Phil! :)

That was an exquisite scene between Jemma and HIVE as he accessed Will's memories. 

Arrow 4x19

No wonder Quentin thought Laurel was coming back. Death is cheap in a comics world. Twice back for Sara. Even Dinah was convinced that Laurel would come back.

Nice to see Nyssa. I'm glad that she's staying close to the Lance and Queen families.

Poor Diggle! He lost his brother to betrayal and good friend Laurel. Though gotta say, I kind of agree with him about letting the fake Black Canary knock off the smug Mayor.

So Ollie outed Laurel at the funeral? Not sure about that move! Hope Laurel's grave will remain undisturbed


Legends Of Tomorrow 1x13

Not surprising that Savage's daughter couldn't believe at first that her father was a mass murdering monster. What daughter would? And Snart knows about irredeemable fathers. 

Very cool effects for Ray's battle with the Leviathan! I presume that growing so large will only be used as a last resort. Seems dangerous to his health, but then so does shrinking, I suppose.

Kendra sparing Savage for Carter's sake could doom them all!

Always a shaky proposition, Ray, to fall in love with a woman whose soulmate will always be reincarnated with her.


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May. 1st, 2016 10:42 am (UTC)
Absolutely LOVED Flash, Arrow and LoT!!
May. 1st, 2016 01:23 pm (UTC)
They all really brought it this week. :)
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