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Smallville "Lara" (Season 7) (Episode 6) (November 1, 2007) 


This episode had so much! 


I love the memories we got to see of Kara’s, and what Lara was like.  Zor-El is apparently as loathsome as he is in the current canon.  Definitely not the Silver Age Zor-El!


Poor Kara.  Suffering torture and learning what her father was really like. 


I’m not sure if I like the concept of the Kents being chosen by Jor-El and Lara to raise Kal-El (random chance has more of a ring of destiny to it than preplanned parenthood!) but it’s an interesting concept, at least.


Tom Welling did a superb job this week with his acting, showing us his emotions at his  cousin’s rebellion and then horrified at her torture.


Was anyone else wishing it was Lex helping Clark in that lab instead of Lionel?  ;)


The scene between Clark and Lex crackled with intensity, and not a little sexual energy.  ;)  Clark wants very much to believe Lex, and Lex is genuinely concerned for Kara. 


If they weren’t wedded to canon, this would have been a perfect opportunity to reconcile the two of them.  Fanfic authors, start your engines! ;)


Lana is now in full lying mode.  She even has dragooned Chloe into her little web of deceit.  So much for full disclosure, eh, Lana?


Did anyone else burst out laughing when Lionel accused Lex of being obsessed with Clark? ;)  He does seem to be latching onto women connected to Clark!  Sublimation, dear boy, sublimation!


And Lionel’s right.  Lex can fool everyone else, even himself, but never Lionel.


I was actually cringing when Clark showed Lana the photo of his mother, but worse, the vial with Kryptonian DNA!  Forboding, forboding, forboding!


And next week’s coming attractions do seem to bear that out: Lana looking ready to kill Lex, who said she’s lose Clark if she killed him, but Evil Lana can live with that!


Boy, involved with the Luthors for about a year and Lana goes off the deep end!  J


The chemistry between Clark and Kara is really, really sweet.  And it’s not in a sexual way, I mean cousinly.  ;)


Oh, and I’m glad Jimmy is connecting with Kara.  Chloe can’t seem to tell him the truth (just as Clark could never tell Lana for years) and so if Jimmy can be happy, I say go for it!


I admit to irritation over Clark willingly going to Lionel with Kryptonian stuff while he still can’t tell Lex, and has even told Lana everything!  JUST TELL LEX!!!  Arghh!!  I know that Lionel knows a lot of Clark’s past because of Jor-El using him, but it still galls me that Lex is always hinting so strongly that he just wants to know (and I’m going to bet he would throw himself into helping Clark, as he still does it now even while they’re technically enemies).


Thank the stars for fanfic!  ;)    



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