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(Reviews) Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x15; Arrow 4x18; Legends Of Tomorrow 1x10

Well, Arrow really jumped the shark this week.

The Fonz couldn't have done any worse.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x15

Weird mystical stuff. Two-dimensional paper people!

Ugh, more gore. Getting old, people.

Poor Charlie. I hope he's at peace now.

This show has really gone downhill since they fixated on the Inhumans and now Bobbi and Hunter are gone, too. Bleah!

Arrow 4x18

Laurel! Noooooo!!!! Damn this show. Killing the Black Canary? The love of Ollie's life, NOT Ms. Smoak. They even had Laurel prop up Oliver/Felicity with her dying words! That's chutzpah, folks!

Poor Diggle. His brother performed the final betrayal.

I wonder if Quentin hits the bottle again. I hope Donna can keep him away from it.

No chance of the Lazarus Pit now that Nyssa destroyed it. Poor Sara! Bouncing around time while her sister dies.

I really hate this episode.

Legends Of Tomorrow 1x10

Looks like Kendra's destiny is mucking up her romance with Ray. Brandon is a really good actor! Loved his scene with her and his close-to-tears expression. She should have been right at home during their sojourn in 1959-1960 after seeing that flashback. I love that ocean painting in their quarters.

Poor Rip! He couldn't kill the kid and cements the kid's belief that mercy is weak, dooming his family and billions to die. The 'right thing' in this case? A terrible dilemma!

Wonder if Snart would have offed the kid, or did he just talk a good game?

The Time Masters are kind of entering the Guardians of Oa territory, aren't they? Now they're sending killers for Rory and the rest!


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