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(Reviews) Supergirl 1x18; The Flash 2x17; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x14; Arrow 4x17; Legends Of Tomorr

Lots to review this week! :)

Supergirl 1x18

What a fun episode! Barry stumbling onto Kara's world was very entertaining.

It's a little odd that they chose to make them from two Earths, probably because being on different networks. Does this mean in the TV 'verse, the Supers are isolated? Or do the Bats reign in Gotham and Wonder Woman appear in this world?

Cat's advising of Kara was fun to watch, as was James' jealousy. He needed a kick!

Wow, Siobhan, cool power but weird costume. Interesting that she appeared hesitant when Livewire threatened to kill all the innocent bystanders, who risked their lives to protect Supergirl. Looks like Kara's back in the citizens' good graces. Better than what her cousin got in the latest movie.

It was great watching Kara and Barry together having fun. Superheroes don't have fun anymore!

The Flash 2x17

So the Dementors moonlight as Time Wraiths? Good to know! :) Why didn't Barry ever see then before? Because the plot didn't need them before! :)

Tough to watch the Eddie scenes. That was nice of Barry to make that video for Iris. Isn't he a sweetie?

Both Joe and Harrison are observant, knowing something was up with Barry.

Well, at least the timeline was changed for the better! :)

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x14

Kind of a meh episode. I did enjoy Mack's scenes with his brother, though.

Arrow 4x17

Bees! Ugh!

I see Felicity is still condescending to her mom. She doesn't know how good she has it, having a mother who cares.

Legends Of Tomorrow 1x9

I liked this episode a lot. Ray looked so comfortable as a college professor. Once he accepted they were permanently stuck in the past, he adapted beautifully. I was surprised that Kendra felt so uncomfortable. Granted, as a woman she'd be restricted, but she's had multiple lives in even more restrictive eras. She also was pretty flip about abandoning the lives she and Ray had built together. I can see why he was upset.

Disappointing that Sara went back to the League of Assassins. No growth whatsoever. I thought she'd end up a biker chick somewhere! :)

Mick as Chronos? I had that thought way back, tough people on the message boards thought no way. Ha ha! :)

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