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Happy World's Finest Day!!! :)

Okay, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is finally here! I plan on going next week on Bargain Day to see this foundation of the DCCU. I chose a profile icon to celebrate Clark and Bruce, even though they probably won't say a civil word to each other in the entire movie. I'll probably replace it with a Wonder Woman icon soon, as she is emerging as the best thing in this film. Wouldn't it be a kick if a Wondy movie actually saved DC's bacon after they took 76 years to present her on the big screen in a live-action flick?

I won't be reading any reviews until Tuesday, but go ahead and write them! I plan on checking back after I've written my own. Hopefully this movie will be better than we think. Huzzah for the World's Finest! :)

In honor of our boys, take a walk down Memory Lane or enjoy the fun for the first time with World's Finest #289. It's canon, folks! ;)
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