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Early reviews for Batman vs. Superman are mostly negative: dark, violent and ultimately boring, with Wonder Woman the best part of the film, according to the critics.

I'll let you know my opinion after I see it next Tuesday. Maybe the critics are wrong, but I'll give you a complete rundown when I get back. It doesn't even disturb me about the reviews since I half-expected it. A movie due out in July of 2015 pushed back to May of 2016, then changed to March because the studio doesn't want to go head-to-head with Captain America 3: Civil War kinda gives you a hint, along with the trailers looking like they were filmed during an eclipse, everything's so dark. *squints*


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Mar. 25th, 2016 12:00 am (UTC)
Yikes, I hope it's better than the reviews indicate! The earliest I'll see it is a week from today. I'll be looking for your review. I've been really looking forward to it, and I hope this is a case where I disagree with the critics (which often happens... ;-)
Mar. 25th, 2016 12:45 am (UTC)

Me, too! So I'm taking these reviews with a grain of salt until I see the film. If it deserves skewering I'll do it, but I have to see it first.

At least we're going to see Wonder Woman on the live-action big-screen for the first time evah! :)
Mar. 25th, 2016 03:13 am (UTC)
It's about time Wonder Woman got to be on the big screen - it's ridiculous it's taken this long.
Mar. 25th, 2016 01:39 pm (UTC)
Absolutely ridiculous! It took 76 years! She got a TV show but never a big-screen live-action movie.
Mar. 26th, 2016 01:16 am (UTC)
Wasn't Joss Whedon attached to a potential Wonder Woman project YEARS ago that never got off the ground? I still can't believe it's taken this long.
Mar. 26th, 2016 01:41 am (UTC)
Yes, he and Warner Brothers disagreed on it, then the WB messed around with a TV pilot that was totally OOC and so bad that even NBC passed.

DC and the WB frittered away most of their opportunities by letting projects sputter. They had a JLA movie hashed out years before The Avengers and cancelled it! Now they're going to look like copycats to Marvel when they had the idea first but botched it.
Mar. 26th, 2016 04:29 am (UTC)
That's what I remembered (re Joss Whedon). I just do not understand why DC and Warner Bros have not been able to get their act together. (I hadn't known about the previously planned JLA movie.) We'll see how this goes. I probably won't be seeing Dawn of Justice this week as something else has come up on Thursday, which is my day off and my movie day. So I'm aiming for the following week.
Mar. 26th, 2016 02:37 pm (UTC)
Avoid my review as it'll be full of spoilers! ;)

Gah, DC is a mystery to me. They had brand recognition way before Marvel. No one knew who Marvel's Trinity was (Cap, Iron Man, Thor) in the general public before the movies. They might have known the Hulk and Spider-Man but knew very little of Marvel unless they were comics fans.

DC's Trinity (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) was well-known and would have had a headstart on Marvel. Maybe DC and WB just got fat 'n' happy.
Apr. 2nd, 2016 05:44 pm (UTC)
I remember how much I could not *stand* Tony Stark in the comic books - and I can't believe how much I love him now. Same character, same attitude, but RDJ rocked it and sold it. It still amazes me how such a peripheral character caught fire the way he did, but that's a tribute to RDJs talent. Without that charisma, and without the rights to their main properties (Spider-Man, X Men, Fantastic 4) the MCU would have been shortlived indeed.
I think DC has no clue how to do comic book movies properly. There doesn't seem to be much planning, or even much understanding of why people like their characters.
Thor was one of my favorite titles, back in the day, because I loved all that mythic stuff. "Thor" was the first movie I saw in the MCU; after I saw The Avengers I went back and caught up with everything else. I've become a major Steve Rogers fan too.
I haven't seen Superman yet and will have to wait for a couple of weeks as there was a family health emergency. So far the fannish reviews I've read have been, shall we say, less than glowing, with only one exception. I'm going in with no expectations at all, but I'd still like to see it.
Apr. 2nd, 2016 10:38 pm (UTC)
It's true, Tony wasn't the most popular of characters from the comic books. He did, however, have a major crush on Steve from the time ol' Star-Spangled was defrosted. LOL! If you're interested, go over to cap_ironman and click on their link for Steve/Tony moments. You'll see why there were Steve/Tony shippers long before the movies. :)

Ironically, the Marvel Studios don't have the rights to the properties you mentioned. Fox does, and in fact the comics are phasing out mutants in favor of the Inhumans so that they can use them in the MCU. Wanda and Pietro, for example, have always been mutants until recently (Magneto was their father) but now that's changed because of the licensing split.

I've always been a huge Cap fan and liked Thor a lot. Iron Man was kind of secondary for me, though I did love him mooning over Steve, heh heh.

I can rec the S/B movie just for the knowledge of what it's about and what people are talking about alone. It's too grimdark for a World's Finest film but that's how they roll over at DC nowadays. Even the new Wonder Woman movie has very little color. Some set photos are out right now. I am looking forward to that movie. She was the best thing in this current movie! :)
Mar. 25th, 2016 09:25 am (UTC)
I already saw it and... kind of liked it. I mean it has problems, but, damn, it's one unrepentantly comic-booky movie at least. And Wonder Woman was awesome.

Honestly, I don't give a damn about critics, as long as I'm entertained and I sure thought this was better entertainment than AoU. ;P
Mar. 25th, 2016 01:37 pm (UTC)
Good to hear! Let's hope people go to find out themselves. :)
Mar. 25th, 2016 06:42 pm (UTC)
It broke Ultron and Avenger's Thursday night records, so it's got that already. My brother saw it and said it was better than Man of Steel. He did say that the trailers might mislead you if you were expecting that content.

As for the March release, I think it was the only choice they had, as it would have bombed opposite Civil War or X-Men: Apocalypse.(no bias intended here LOL)
Mar. 25th, 2016 10:19 pm (UTC)
Wow, that's good news. Hopefully the momentum is maintained past Opening Weekend.

Any improvement over Man Of Steel is welcome.

No bias! I would guess it would fare poorly against those films. It's DC's own fault for letting Marvel get such a huge headstart.

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