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(Reviews) Supergirl 1x16; Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x12

Just two shows to review this week:

Supergirl 1x16

Kara on Red K is really something!

Sadly, she damaged several relationships. As everyone admitted, there was truth in her angry remarks.

For Alex, I would say she was jealous, or envious, as a better word. But it was only occasional and momentary, as while Alex was probably envious of the ability to fly (who wouldn't?), be super-strong and possess super-speed, she'd think of the crushing responsibility and that moment would fade. I don't buy her deliberately dressing Kara in dowdy clothes out of jealousy over Kara's beauty. That was strictly secret identity stuff. I do think Alex took her responsibility of caring for Kara as wrapping her life up with hers so that she has no independent life. Old habits (since childhood) die hard. Though siblings' lives often intertwine,

Cat really got a scare. Amazing how she could be relatively calm in Supergirl's presence after Kara was her old self..

At least Nasty Kara got rid of Siobhan Smythe though of course we'll see her again!

Poor J'onn. He can't catch a break. Though he should have explained about Hank Henshaw. Senator Crane no longer believing in Hank/J'onn? God, I hate politicians!

Is Kara losing the admiration of National City a tie-in to Man Of Steel? Though I got the impression that Clark had been Superman for quite some time when Kara arrived, and MOS was early in his career. But we see that people don't trust Superman in the upcoming movie.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x12

Grant just gets creepier and creepier.*

Talbot as HYDRA? Not a stretch! Except he was blackmailed and foolishly believed he had a deal. HYDRA doesn't make deals, just demands.

Why am I thinking of The Defiant Ones with Coulson and Talbot handcuffed together? :)

*Okay, that ending was uber-disgusting!

Oh, no, Bobbi and Hunter!

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