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Fic: Strange Brew (9/9)

Title: Strange Brew (9/9)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Devin Maxson, Marla (Also, see Author’s Note below)
Category: Drama
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: Zatanna hosts a Halloween Ball in order for the superhero and magickal communities to learn more about each other in a relaxed setting.
Summary: Devin Maxson receives a visitor.
Date Of Completion: October 18, 2007
Date Of Posting: October 31, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 773
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: Written for the 2007 Fic/Art DCU Halloween Challenge run by me! :)
This story will feature many pairings (even threesomes!) but two of the primary pairings are Clark/Bruce and Dick/Roy, and the early chapters are pre-slash.
Challenge Prompts: I used so many they are too long to list, but I’ll list my Special Prompt: Love Potion! ;)
All chapters can be found here. 





Devin heard the sonorous chime of the doorbell and strode to the foyer.  He opened the massive oak front door and smiled.


“Marla!  How nice of you to visit!” A silvery eyebrow raised. “And what have you here?”


“A present.”


After Devin indicated that she should enter, Marla walked in, her wand levitating an enormous painting with a cloth draped over it.  As Devin reached to remove the cloth, she shook her head. “Wait until we get settled.”


Intrigued, he followed his visitor to the room he had set up to watch movies.  Marla insisted that he get comfortable as she set the painting up on the wall in front of the screen.  He indulged her, watching the sway of her hips as she went to the kitchen. 


She returned to the movie room with a large bowl of freshly-popped popcorn and two cold drinks.  Amused, he sipped his drink as she settled next to him.  She lifted her wand and the cloth flew off.


The painting was framed in an old-fashioned gilt frame, and at first glance it was a lovely scene of a garden with marble statues and fountains.  It was then that Devin realized…


“…that’s Zatanna’s garden!”


“Correct.” Marla munched on popcorn. “Sit back and enjoy the show.”


Devin watched as the bright sunlight of midday gradually turned to dusk, then darkness, and costumed figures began to appear, mingling in the gardens as the Halloween party progressed.


Then it really got interesting.


Captain America and Iron Man were locked in a passionate embrace and soon out of their costumes, followed by dozens of other costumed partygoers.


Devin frowned. “Why can’t we see the faces clearly?”


Marla shrugged. “Some kind of protective spell put around the place by Zatanna, no doubt.” Her eyes gleamed. “But even shadowed faces can still give us a show.”


And it was quite the show.


Devin and Marla watched the wild orgy, amused while throwing out clever quips and comments on “flexibility” and “inventiveness, the mortal dears”.  They watched as pairs and threesomes and sometimes more reveled in lust under the light of the Samhain moon.


By the time the mists rolled in, they were both drinking more cold drinks than eating popcorn.


“My…goodness…my dear.  Where did you get this?”


Marla’s expression was smug. “A good Witch is always prepared.”


“I thought that was the mortal Boy Scouts.”


“Same difference.”


The picture faded into mist-obscured darkness and Devin thoughtfully munched on popcorn. “Dear, I appreciate the present.”


“Thank you, darling.”


Devin glanced at her. “You did a good job with that Orgy Juice.”


“Thanks again.  Well, I knew if I switched the Chimera Cider with Orgy Juice, we could embarrass the superheroes.”


“How did you do it?”


She snickered. “When I was at Zatanna’s house for lunch, I excused myself to go to the bathroom and grabbed some of the Orgy Juice from her workroom while I was picking up my order of Love Potion.  She left the kitchen just long enough for me to pull the switch in the fridge, because she had a batch already made and chilling.” She frowned. “I knocked my elbow against the fridge door and a few drops of my Love Potion came out because the stopper came loose, but I don’t think any of it got into the Juice.”


“What if it did?”


“Well, we want this experience to be embarrassing, Devin, not pleasurable beyond the obvious!  Who wants any of these mortals to find their True Loves?”


“You’re a harsh woman, my dear.”


Marla giggled.


“Easy of you to betray Zatanna.”


She sniffed. “She’s a stuck-up blood traitor.  She actually is proud of straddling both worlds!  Really, Witches should stay with Witches and mortals with mortals.”


Devin stroked her purple-and-pink-streaked blond hair as he finished his popcorn. “Thank you for this wonderful gift, my dear.”


Eagerly Marla asked, “Can you use it somehow?”


“I think I might be able to do so.” He smiled and drew her to him. “Let me thank you properly.”


& & & & & &


Later that afternoon, Devin slipped out of bed, Marla still sleeping.  He pulled on a robe and went downstairs to the movie room, starting the painting’s images up again.


As he watched, he thought of ways he could get past the masking spell and reveal the identities of the superhero participants.  Not only would knowing their secret identities be useful, they would also be exposed in their costumed identities.


Either way it could be a good tool for public embarrassment…


…or blackmail.


Smiling to himself, he enjoyed watching the images within the gilt frame.    




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