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(Reviews) Supergirl 1x15; Agent Carter 2x10; Legends Of Tomorrow 1x7 (Extra: The Family 1x1)

Quick rec: if you haven't checked out Legends Of Tomorrow or only watched the first episode, give it a(nother) try. I believe it's improved. Don't read the message boards. They are havens for nattering nabobs of negativity! :)

Supergirl 1x15

I really liked this episode. It broke my heart to hear Alex's heartbroken sobs. I'm SO glad that Kara forgave her and J'onn. It was tough for her, but Astra had been preparing to kill J'onn, and how was Alex supposed to stop a woman with superpowers?

Alex is right that a soldier is prepared to kill. It's why Clark and Bruce can't quite understand Diana. She's a warrior and they're not.

Interesting transformation of Smallville's Supergirl into Indigo. Quite a powerful villain, and she isn't gone yet! Non will see to that.

Agent Carter 2x10

So the second season wraps up. I thought the characters were richly complex. How many TV shows can say that?

We get to see Daniel's heroics, along with the rest of the crew. We see Aloysius be both brave and faint! Jason was both smart and also able to show his fear.

Joseph Manfredi is a brutal gangster (we saw him beat a guy in his club) but he genuinely loves Whitney.

Whitney was driven by ambition, but would she have killed if Zero Matter hadn't taken her over? She truly loved her husband as we saw Cal with her in her delusional state at the end.

Damn, they had to kill Jack? He went astray due to his ambition but proved he was back to the good guy side again. OTOH, his ambition may have killed him in the end by his taking that file from Vernon's office.

Jarvis is happiest serving, isn't he? And Howard is often swell-headed but still is one of the good guys. Loved Rose as Ana’s companion.

How hilarious was that scene when the three scientists' chests puffed out at Peggy's praise? Leave it to a woman to know how to get the most out of men! ;)

Nice touch of Peggy suggesting that Jack be the one to take their lunch orders. Payback time! :) I think the pickled herring made Aloysius faint! ;)

Legends Of Tomorrow 1x7

Pretty heartbreaking scene of Rip watching that hologram of his wife and son. I guess that’s why the Time Lords forbid relationships, since Rip is on a crusade to change time to save his family.

So Rory finally reverted to his true nature all the way. He betrayed the team and yet still wanted Leonard to come with him. The revelation that his skills weren’t really needed but he was part of a package deal sealed the deal for him. I’m skeptical of Snart killing his old buddy, though. And those ties run deep, all the way back to juvie.

Ray performed some nice heroics to save Sara and Snart. Though I call shenanigans that he has no favorite color! :)

Martin Stein, Space Ranger! He should fit in very well with Ed Norton of The Honeymooners, who loved Captain Video, Space Ranger! ;)

I did like Jax's smile upon seeing his partner. :)

The new ABC series, The Family, is uber-creepy. I don’t intend to write a review every week as with the comics-based shows, but if you want to get in on the ground floor, catch up on Week 1 with On Demand. It aired last Thursday on ABC but its second episode airs this Sunday (its regular timeslot) after Once Upon A Time. Trigger warning: talk of child rape.

The show’s main premise is about a family broken by the disappearance of the youngest child, Adam, and their reactions when he suddenly returns after ten years. They are all messed up to the max and might still have been dysfunctional without the disappearance, but Adam’s kidnapping was the catalyst.

Older brother Danny is, as his mother frankly says, a drunk. He appears incapable of holding down even the merest of jobs because he’s constantly in an alcoholic fog. He and Adam’s older sister were supposed to keep an eye on Adam that day at the town picnic but Denny sneaked off to make out with his latest squeeze and Sis lost track of Adam. Willa has her own problems, though the Pilot can’t cram everything in so I expect we’ll learn more about her next week.

The father, John Warren, had an affair with the female officer who caught and put away Hank Asher for the murder of Adam, which of course means Asher spent ten years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit as Adam has turned up, claiming to have finally escaped his rapist/captor.

The mother is, as her husband says, a machine, dedicated to her job. Claire had been campaigning for her first office during that picnic and had given Adam’s care over to his siblings. She promises not to run for Governor of Maine as she speaks to her husband but blindsides him as she announces her candidacy in a public press conference welcoming Adam back.

Detective Meyer is feeling guilty over sending an innocent man to jail and failing the Warrens all these years about Adam. She’s still interested in sleeping with John, and they go at it in an interrogation room at the precinct with a one-way mirror on the wall.

All the characters are somewhat unlikable. Human nature only covers so much. Anyway, even the innocent man is not meant to elicit complete sympathy as it turns out that years ago, he was arrested for indecent exposure, and Meyer discovers kiddie porn on his computer. He claims that he’s never touched, just looked at pictures, and that may be true, but he’s a pedophile in nature if not practice, so a lot of people’s sympathy will be truncated.

Danny has some odd observations: he wonders if it’s really Adam, since the kid wolfs down eggs and Adam couldn’t even stand the smell of them, and asks how the ship gets into the bottle of a toy he owns, and Adam used to make the ships. A bottled ship was found in Asher’s bedroom. This is when Claire says quite calmly that he’s a drunk and confused, and never to say such a thing again. Besides, DNA testing confirmed that it’s Adam.

Adam is spooky himself. Of course, that could be the result of ten years held captive in a basement room. He says that his captor would come and rape him every day, and he could see the outside sometimes if the guy left the door open. He could see a Red Dragon that breathed fire. Meyer interprets that to mean a stretch of sky that looks dragon-ish at sunset with smoke belching from a factory. She and a group of cops search the woods and find a decaying shack with two teenagers drinking and making out. It’s obvious no one has inhabited the place in years. Adam, meanwhile, is watching a video of his ninth birthday, repeating over and over that he wants cake, especially the piece with frosting, as if he’s memorizing the words.

Finally, there is Cruz, a tabloid reporter who makes contact with Denny after years (she was the girl he was making out with the day Adam disappeared), planning to use him for information about the Warrens and the news story. She tells her editor that she called to talk to the doc who did the DNA test. “He doesn’t exist.”

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