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(Reviews) Supergirl 1x14; The Flash 2x15; Agent Carter 2x8x9; Arrow 4x15, Legends Of Tomorrow 1x6

Very good stories this week! :)

Supergirl 1x14

It seems as if the people of the DEA are owning up to their incarceration of the bad guys without trial more than the folks in Central City. Still, I can see the temptation to keep Maxwell Lord on ice indefinitely. At least there is a way to control his loose tongue (for now).

Argh, I foresee the season finale resulting in Kara finding out what Alex did to Astra. J’onn had good intentions but a lie like this never ends well.

The Professor declined to tell Kara what his crime had been. Are we to hear from him again, and will she regret letting him go?

Poor Lucy! Imagine being the girlfriend of the guy who’s cozy with both Superman and Supergirl! If Kara allows Jimmy to tell her about who she is, does that mean Lois already knows about Clark and Kara? Or will the world’s top reporter ferret this secret out from her sister?

I see Cat is in petty mode again. I hope she doesn’t turn her back on Siobhan. That woman has a custom-made knife in her sheath!

The Flash 2x15

I liked the way the show had Barry narrating the effect of Earth-2’s adventures on everyone. So often a show just expects you to believe that everything is A-OK again next week after traumatic events. Seeing what happened to Jay certainly qualifies!

Wally’s jealousy was understandable if annoying. If Joe and Iris kept saying that Barry was perfect, or intimated it, no wonder he got his nose out of joint. But I’m glad they got that resolved. Mopey Wally does not suit me!

I loved seeing Lila and John Diggle! They are my favorite couple from Arrow. Lila as head of ARGUS is a brilliant idea. I disliked seeing Amanda Waller meet her fate almost as if it was a throwaway moment, but at least Lila will be a more ethical head of that beleaguered Government agency.

John and Lila are a marriage of equals. She is amazing, and I can see why Diggle is so in love with her. She’s tough, resourceful, sweet, and a great wife and mother to boot! And she will kick ass and take names as Director of ARGUS!

So Jay is Zoom? I’m going to bet that he killed a clone. And that another Jay is under that iron mask. Though at this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see anybody under there.

Agent Carter 2x8x9

Crackling episodes tonight! In fact, all of the comics-based shows are really stepping up their game lately.

That was some harsh truth-telling in the desert between Peggy and Jarvis. I get that Peggy was shocked and disappointed in Jarvis’s attempt to murder Whitney Frost, but that was tough dialogue hurled at him, almost mocking his desire to have adventures (‘larks’, she called them) without thinking about consequences. I don’t think that is quite true.

Also, it annoyed me that she sarcastically said that Jarvis goes home to another man’s house, listens to music and has his cozy evenings with his wife, almost as if that’s something disagreeable. I think some projection was going on there. In the depths of her psyche, Peggy would like a normal home life mixed with adventure, which I’m guessing she got eventually when she married in the future.

I’m glad that they resolved their anger at each other. I much prefer a cooperative expat team than one at odds with each other.

Ana is a wonder, isn’t she? No wonder Jarvis is besotted with her. Rose was sweet as her companion.

Peggy’s dream imagination is as vivid as Steve’s. We saw his Scarlet Witch-inspired vision in Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron, and now we see Peggy dreaming of her deceased brother, taking to heart his criticism that it was in black-and-white, and she switched to Technicolor like The Wizard Of Oz.

She dreams of a dance club and does a lovely little dance with Jason, who is smooth as silk, and then dances with Daniel, who no longer needs a cane. Interesting, too, that Angie and Dottie are in her dream. They are in the background but most definitely there. I call fanfic for this dream! ;)

If Jason is gone, then Peggy won’t have to make a choice between him and Daniel. And we aren’t certain that Daniel is the future Mr. Peggy Carter, anyway.

Jack Thompson. Clever subplot. He switched sides so many times that I think he was uncertain of which side he was on! ;) I’m always a sucker for a bad boy coming back to the fold, and was happy to see that, but then it appeared he was going for the big power deal with Whitney. And yet again we see he’s still on the good guys’ side, but Peggy objects to his method of getting rid of Whitney and Masterson.

I wonder if that’s a touch of naivete on her part. In 1947, the Cold War is just beginning. In that brief interval after World War II, agents probably still thought that war was one thing when it came to killing the enemy, but they had to employ different ethics during peacetime. Except that the Cold War would be just as nasty and dark as the war itself, and Government agents would certainly cross the line during that twilight struggle. Peggy would find that out as co-founder of S.H.I.E.L.D. soon enough.

I’m sure that Jarvis will be in on the end next week. Ana will insist! :)

Arrow 4x15

I could see Felicity being hurt that Ollie didn't tell her about William, ultimatum or not, especially as it seemed like a lot of people knew. I get why she got tired of the lying and broke up with him, though it does seem like kicking a guy when he's down. And I'm okay with dramatics, but all of a sudden Felicity gets up and walks? She walked flawlessly, not even an uncertain step! If they weren't going to keep her in the chair and not handwave it away, why disable her in the first place? And will Palmer Tech start marketing this miracle cure?

I liked Laurel's mature reaction when she found about Ollie cheating on her yet again years ago. Cheating on her with Sara hurt worse, but cheating's cheating. I'm glad she realized it was years ago and Ollie's changed, but the sting of knowledge was plausible, too. I guess Ollie's tendency to keep secrets just doesn't make for good marriage material.

Thea's stuck with Malcolm. I wondered if she was ever going to mention the man who raised her (Robert) and thought she was his daughter and loved her.

LOVE Vixen! :)

Damien Darhk was marginalized pretty quick. He seemed to take it in stride!

Legends Of Tomorrow 1x6

So it’s final: Ollie is Bruce. Now he’s a disabled, bitter old man in the future with his city a nightmare. Though to be honest, how can he tell the difference between 2046 and 2016? Star City has been a nightmare for years!

I liked Sara’s determination to save the people of the future What-If? city, especially after learning that her family was gone.

So there’s a rift between Snart and Rory. Wonder how that will play out?

Amusing little subplot with Jefferson and Ray vying for Kendra’s attention. I can understand Kendra backing off. She’s got this Destiny thing going with Carter. Must be a damper on her love life, though.

Looks like the show returns next week while other shows in this review are going on hiatus. Man, I hate hiatuses. I forgot what the cliffhanger was on Once Upon A Time, it’s been so long since new episodes aired! Only the endless ads reminded me.

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