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(Reviews) The Flash 2x14; Agent Carter 2x6x7; Arrow 4x14; Legends Of Tomorrow 1x5

This week's entries were full of action!

The Flash 2x14

This was a crackling-good episode! I enjoyed the pace and plot and figured that Killer Frost was being a little TOO cooperative, but in the end she came through. Even supervillains have feelings!

I adore Earth-2 Barry! Sure, he was geeky and a bit of a coward, but so what? He was sweet and loyal and courageous, and Iris must have seen something in him to marry him! He might wear wingtips on a rescue mission but he was pure heart (with intellect, as the Earth-1 crowd and Wells seemed to forget he was genius level). There’s nothing sexier than a man in glasses. ;)

Who is the Man in the Iron Mask? A friend of Jay’s? Jay himself, with an imposter sent to Earth-1 to collect information? He was alone a lot of the time in S.T.A.R. Labs, after all.

Iris’ new boss is going to push her to new heights…and then push her off! He’s trouble.

Agent Carter 2x6x7

Two exciting episodes! Whitney Frost is an evil genius with no mercy, and even Dottie was terrified by her. Pliers couldn’t make her talk, but Zero Matter could!

I’m so glad that Jason was able to come up with a way to save himself, but now he’s in big trouble.

I loved the scene in the car between Peggy and Jarvis as he points out Jason’s dazzling smile and Daniel’s dreamy eyes. ;) And what a couple of catches! Jason is a doll, super-smart, and sweet. It would be a typically bold Peggy move to marry a black man in an era when most U.S. states forbid it. And Daniel? That cutie could make a woman forget even Captain America! He’s in the same profession, courageous, and adorable. What’s not to love?

Ana and Jarvis are amazing together. Apparently Ana is good at scientific tasks and Hungarian cooking! Jarvis not so fond of Hungarian cuisine? An Englishman should talk! ;)

Argh! What a gut-wrenching scene (literally!) when Ana was shot by Whitney.

I do hope that cop outside of the E.R. is just injured and not dead, otherwise his death is on Peggy’s conscience. Breaking the Black Widow out of jail? I know Peggy was incapacitated but was this really a good idea?

So the good guys are at a nadir right now before the final two episodes. Poor Peggy is recovering from major injury and out of a job; Ana is fighting for her life in the hospital; Jarvis is a wreck; Daniel was beaten up and is on forced ‘leave’ from his job, and Jason’s a prisoner of Whitney Frost. Should Rose and Aloysius come to the rescue?

Arrow 4x14

Glad to see Quentin and Donna back together. I think Quentin really needs someone. I just have a bad feeling that Donna’s going to be the one to end up in that mysterious grave. :(

So they came up with the handwaving for Felicity’s condition? I wonder why comics Barbara never got that opportunity?

The secret that Ollie’s keeping will of course bite him in the butt, though it’s a tough call. If William’s mother insists on keeping the kid a secret otherwise no access to him by Ollie, he is forced to go along. I wonder what Felicity’s reaction will be?

I really wish that Nyssa would come back to Star City. Now that she disbanded the League, what’s a ninja to do? She and Laurel have good chemistry together, and whether it’s platonic or femslash, I like seeing them together. It would give Laurel a good, solid storyline, too, guiding Nyssa through American society. We got a glimpse of that before and I’d like to see more of that.

I’d love to smack Malcolm Merlyn. Ollie spares his life more than once and saves Thea multiple times and yet he’s still there on that insidious council plotting against him. Ugh!

Legends Of Tomorrow 1x5

Lots of action in this one! Looks like we’re supposed to believe that Ray took a stupid pill after leaving Star City. Naïve is one thing, but his behavior in the gulag was a little much. Or, maybe he’s playing up the naivete, knowing that underestimation is always good leverage to have.

He took a beating for Mick, who paid the debt by not leaving him behind. It’s good that they have the two crooks on the team not be goody-goodys right away. Leonard was going to leave Ray behind to save his skin and Mick’s, but Mick had to pay that debt. Leonard did support Sara, who did an admirable thing by not shooting Martin, but I have to keep referring to Jim Kirk and The City On The Edge Of Forever. Is Martin Stein worth the future? It was a transformative act on Sara’s part, but would she feel all that great about it if they couldn’t have fixed it? Funny how she and Ollie discover a No Killing rule just when it would be useful/necessary to bump someone off (in Ollie’s case, Malcolm Merlyn).

Jackson and Martin are developing their partnership quite nicely. They will always have conflict at some point, but are learning to appreciate each other.

Rip is a cool character. Of course, killing Vandal isn’t so bad when he keeps coming back!

The Russian professor…well, she was warned. People just don’t listen! *shakes head*

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