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(Reviews) Supergirl 1x13; The Flash 2x13; Agent Carter 2x5; Arrow 4x13, Legends Of Tomorrow 1x4

Well, Supergirl broadcast a really good episode this week. It hit a lot of my emotional buttons. Most of the episodes (and this is true for other shows, too) have kind of blended together with not much standing out. When I watched shows like Star Trek: TOS, I remembered the individual episodes and not just certain scenes. I suppose it could be that after years of watching TV, everything just runs together, LOL!

Supergirl 1x13

The Black Mercy is a great plot device. Who among us wouldn’t want to live in a world that we choose and with happiness instead of strife and grief our companions? Kara would certainly want to see her parents again, and Krypton existing would be top priority, too. The insidiousness of the Black Mercy is how it seduces people into experiencing their heart’s desire, and gradually succumbing to the parasite but perhaps some people would consider it a fair trade-off.

I do like Alex bringing Kara back (it was Kara’s decision but Alex was the catalyst). I can’t imagine the pain that Kara went through, losing her parents and world a second time.

Alex killed Astra and J’onn lied, saying it was him. A good way to preserve Alex as a hero in Kara’s eyes, but when Kara learns the truth, won’t that tarnish that shining armor? It might be better just to reveal the truth right away. Lies always are a bad idea in the end.

I just hope that the reveal doesn’t cause a permanent rift between the sisters. One of the reasons I watch this show is for the sisterly bond. It’s so rare to have superhero siblings that it’s a novelty! Ironic that one half of another rare sibling pair is featured on this show, too (Lucy Lane).

I’m sure J’onn was tempted to tell Cat off more than once! Good scenes with the two of them.

It’s a pity that they killed off Astra. Seems to me there was a lot more to mine there, as Astra respected Alex as a fellow warrior and as the sister of Kara. Just seems like a waste to me, though I suppose her death and the truth about it might serve to generate drama in the future.

The Flash 2x13

A very good episode! I like the journey to Earth-2 and the differences Barry and Cisco saw there. Wow, Caitlin, Ronnie, and Cisco kind of went off the rails, didn’t they? Killer Frost? A tough-Iris-as-cop was fun to see. Poor Joe! But at least he and Barry reached an understanding at the end.

Nice to see Jay in action as the Flash! A pity it didn’t last long.

I also liked the subtle Art Deco-style homage to the Golden Age origins of the Earth-2 heroes from the mural in Police Headquarters to the jazz club where Joe sang. It would be interesting to find out if that is a recurring theme mixed into the 21st century or just remnants of their past, too.

Agent Carter 2x5

Interesting episode! We get to see the team expanded with Rose and Pie Guy (Dr. Aloysius Samberly) (love a guy who loves pie!) and poor Jarvis stuck dealing with the nuclear rods. And I do love Violet, but she sees the truth of whom he really loves.

Is Whitney Frost creepy or what? Good thing the episode had so much comedy in it to offset what was a dark vibe from power-hungry Whitney. If I was hubby Cal I’d leave now while the getting was good!

Rose saying to the doc, “You’ve got this” was pretty anachronistic. That’s a 21st-century phrase, not 1940s slang!

A pity the ratings are so low. I'd like to see this show come back next season.

Arrow 4x13

I liked seeing Nyssa again. I really like the chemistry she has with Laurel. And I’m glad she gave up leadership of the League of Assassins and disbanded it. She’s free now, or at least as free as anyone who’s the daughter of Ra’s Al-Ghul can be.

She really has a sense of honor, something Malcolm Merlyn lacks. He was willing to risk Thea’s death to hold on to power. He can rationalize it all he wants, but that’s what it boils down to.

Pretty gory solution by Ollie, but it kept him from killing Malcolm. Though considering what Malcolm told Darhk, Ollie might regret his decision. A pity that Ollie adopted his no-killing policy before he offed Malcolm.

Whoa, that’s cold, Felicity! Turning in the old man? Oh, well, he deserved it. And Felicity’s mother is right in his case. I like how Donna dropped her flighty act and was dead serious when discussing her ex-husband with her daughter. There is a whole lot more there than Felicity realizes. I still think it might be her mother who ends up in that grave.

Legends Of Tomorrow 1x4

Wow, Rip, bringing this team along might not have been your brightest idea. Apparently no one on this team can follow orders about not messing up the timeline or sticking to the mission. Dr. Stein went dumb followed by Ray, who is the fall guy in this show for being hopelessly naïve and mucking things up. He jeopardizes everything for a woman he barely knows, and then does it again for Leonard. Not that it could be easy to see Leonard killed by said Soviet scientist, but in being a Time Lord or whatever they are and keeping time on track, sacrifices have to be made. Just ask Jim Kirk.

I did like Stein reaming out Jefferson, who’s been a real pain by disobeying orders and just generally doing his own thing, but at least he’s got the excuse that he was shanghaied into this little adventure. Everyone else chose to come along.

Dunno, the story was entertaining but the characters acted like very dim bulbs on the Christmas tree.

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